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Since 1997, Big Blend has been owned and operated by Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, an expert mother-daughter tourism, publishing and production team, who are currently traveling full-time on their Big Blend Spirit of America Tour of all 413 National Park units and their gateway destinations.

Big Blend Publishes & Produces:

The Big Blend Mission: “Big Blend is a company based on the belief that education is the most formidable weapon that can be waged against fear, ignorance and prejudice. It is our belief that education starts at home and branches outward. Education leads to travel, and travel leads to understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of cultures and customs different to our own, and ultimately to world peace. Our company is further based on the principle that networking, communication, and helping others to promote and market themselves leads to financial stability; thus paving the way to better education, travel, and the spirit of giving back to the community.”

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About the Editors
Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, owners and operators of Big Blend Magazines, are a mother and daughter team that started working together over 20 years ago. It all began when Nancy, a successful wildlife artist, writer, and photographer, led tours from Los Angeles to Kenya, East Africa. This ultimately led to her moving to Kenya – bringing a young 1 ½ year old Lisa along – and working out in the field for writer and conservationist Joy Adamson, of ‘Born Free’ fame. Nancy was the past editor of the “Born Free” newsletter and wrote conservation articles for other publications throughout the early seventies.

Unfortunately, Joy Adamson was murdered, and the unrest in Kenya made it time for a change. Nancy and Lisa relocated to England, and toured Scotland, England and Wales on a fundraising and conservation awareness effort for World Wild Life Fund, using Nancy’s wildlife paintings and photography. Nancy and Lisa then did a fundraising tour for the National Cancer Association of South Africa. They then settled in South Africa where they started a magazine called ‘Splash!’ – a travel, lifestyle and leisure publication. Eventually, due to political pressure, they left South Africa and returned home to California.


Once in California, it wasn’t long before the old ‘publishing bug’ took over, and in 1997, Big Blend Magazine was born. Since then, Nancy ‘Madam Geek’ and Lisa ‘Social Secretary’, have enjoyed traveling throughout the country and Mexico, and have published regional coloring-in / activity books for children, a print magazine called ‘The Blend Magazine’ which grew into ‘Southwest Blend Magazine,’ ultimately grew in size and readership until Big Blend’s Radio & TV Magazine. Today, on a quest to boost sustainable national tourism along with promoting the protection and funding of our public lands and historic sites, Nancy and Lisa, along with their pink sock monkey travel mascot ‘Priscilla Queen of the Road’, are on a life long quest to visit all 413 National Park units and their gateway destinations on their Spirit of America Tour. At each National Park area they visit, they host Big Blend Radio shows, produce videos and articles for their quarterly Spirit of America Magazine, also a digital interactive magazine. Learn more about the tour at NationalParkPlanner.com