Adam Roberts

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Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts

Adam M. Roberts Adam has spent the past quarter century working for animal protection and wildlife conservation in Washington, DC.  Adam has significant expertise working on issues of international w
Backyard Habitat

Backyard Habitats

BACKYARD HABITATS AND HUMANE GARDENING With the increase of urban sprawl, bird and wildlife habitats are diminishing across the country, creating a bigger need to create backyard habitats, where bird
Big Cat Public Safety Act

Big Cat Public Safety Act

BIG CAT PUBLIC SAFETY ACT Thousands of big cats are kept as pets or maintained in ill-equipped roadside zoos in the U.S. Kate Dylewsky, Program Associate at Born Free USA, talks with Big Blend Radio

Born Free USA Wildlife Rescues

MIKEY MOVES TO BORN FREE USA’S PRIMATE SANCTUARY Adam M. Roberts “The Compassionate Conservationist”, CEO of Born Free USA, discusses wildlife rescue with Big Blend Radio, and provides an update
Exotic Pet Trade

Downloading Cruelty: Exotic Pet Trade

DOWNLOADING CRUELTY Born Free USA Releases New Eye-Opening Report, Downloading Cruelty: An Investigation into the Online Sales of Exotic Pets in the U.S. As featured in the Winter 2017 issue of Big B
Elephant Project

The Elephant Project

THE ELEPHANT PROJECT Elephants are in danger worldwide – be it poaching in Africa for their ivory, or being used in the tourism trade in Asia. Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Adam M.
Environmental Interviews

Walking The Environmental Tightrope

WALKING THE ENVIRONMENTAL TIGHTROPE Listen to 3 Big Blend Radio interviews featured in the Winter 2017 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, focusing on Wildlife Conservation, Climate Change a