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Ali Sperry - Crooked Feelings

Ali Sperry: Crooked Feelings

ALI SPERRY: CROOKED FEELINGS With roots that are undeniably rooted in folk music, Ali Sperry pushes boundaries, toying with tones of modern indie-pop, rock, and old-school soul to create a fresh and o
Amilia K. Spicer

Amilia K Spicer: Wow and Flutter Album

AMILIA K SPICER: WOW AND FLUTTER ALBUM After playing an LA club on a whim, Americana songstress Amilia K Spicer was quickly on her way to a rare Mainstage Kerrville Folk Festival debut, three Kennedy
Blind Lemon Pledge

Blind Lemon Pledge: Backwoods Glance

BLIND LEMON PLEDGE: BACKWOODS GLANCE Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with James Byfield, aka Blind Lemon Pledge, about his music career and new album ‘Backwoods Glance’. Even a guy with
Carmen Lundy

Carmen Lundy: Code Noir

CARMEN LUNDY: CODE NOIR Big Blend Radio interview with renowned jazz vocalist and composer Carmen Lundy, who traverses musical genres with the release of her new CD, CODE NOIR, a song cycle for these
Carrie Elkin: The Penny Collector

Carrie Elkin: The Penny Collector

CARRIE ELKIN: THE PENNY COLLECTOR With a voice that’s somehow both gritty and pristine, Carrie Elkin has spent the last decade developing her presence into a force of nature. Elkin can turn a delic
Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox: Alive Album

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX: ALIVE ALBUM Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with singer-songwriter Crystal Bowersox who discusses her new live album ALIVE, that offers her take on life, love, and resilien
Doreen Taylor, Happily Ever After Album

Doreen Taylor: Happily Ever After

Doreen Taylor: Billboard-charting adult contemporary singer-songwriter Doreen Taylor has released her highly anticipated sophomore album, Happily Ever After. Arranged by music industry veteran Larry G
Ed Roman

Ed Roman: Red Omen

ED ROMAN: RED OMEN ALBUM Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist Ed Roman’s uniquely crafted songs blur the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres.
Elle Casazza - Proof

Elle Casazza: Proof

ELLE CASAZZA: PROOF Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Elle Casazza, who talks about her music career, touring, and the stories behind the songs in her new album “Proof”. Elle Casazza
Elli Perry - Little Theives

Elli Perry: Little Thieves

ELLI PERRY: LITTLE THIEVES Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with sing-songwriter Elli Perry about traveling, her music and songwriting career, and latest album ‘Little Thieves’. Singer-
Everett Coast

Everett Coast: The Shel Talmy Sessions

EVERETT COAST: THE SHEL TALMY SESSIONS Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Josh Misko and Danny Byrne, the California-based acoustic guitar driven singer-songwriter duo Everett Coast, who dis

Haley and The Comet

HALEY AND THE COMET Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with mother-daughter singer-songwriter team Terri and Haley Bond, who discuss their musical screenplay and soundtrack ‘Haley and the C