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Slow Dance - Anthony Phillips

Anthony Phillips: Slow Dance

ANTHONY PHILLIPS: SLOW DANCE Listen to composer and original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips talk with Big Blend Radio about the release of the newly re-mixed and expanded deluxe 3-disc edition of
difficult leader

Are You a Difficult Leader?

ARE YOU A DIFFICULT LEADER? By Sarah H. Elliston, author of “Lessons from a Difficult Person” What is Leadership? I see it as the ability to gain the cooperation of the people around you to work
Rob Ridgeway - Spontuneous

Board Game Industry Insider: Rob Ridgeway – Spontuneous!

BOARD GAME INDUSTRY INSIDER The Success Story of Rob Ridgeway, creator of the award-winning and best-selling board game, Spontuneous ‘The Song Game’! Rob Ridgeway, creator of the award-winning a
Unemployment Law

California Unemployment Law

CALIFORNIA UNEMPLOYMENT LAW By Ward Heinrichs Esq., San Diego Employment Attorney I have represented both employers and employees in unemployment hearings.  Sometimes employers need help in a close
Class Action Lawsuits

Class Action Law

CLASS ACTION LAW In the news, we hear about class action cases and the large settlements and verdicts that can result.  What, exactly, is a class action, and why can the verdicts and settlements be
Cynthia Ruiz - Cherokee Wisdo

Cynthia M. Ruiz: Cherokee Wisdom

CHEROKEE WISDOM 12 Lessons for Becoming a Powerful Leader In her second book “Cherokee Wisdom: 12 Lessons for Becoming a Powerful Leader,” Cynthia M. Ruiz reveals previously concealed knowledge b
Anticipatory Organization - Daniel Burrus

Daniel Burrus: The Anticipatory Organization

THE ANTICIPATORY ORGANIZATION Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview Daniel Burrus, best-selling author, leading futurist and innovation expert, and author of the powerful new book ‘The Anticipato
office drama

Dealing with Office Drama

OFFICE DRAMA: DEALING WITH DIFFICULT COLLEAGUES By Sarah H. Elliston, author of “Lessons from a Difficult Person”     Mahalia is furious.  She met the boss coming into work this morning a

DIY Book Platform

DIY BOOK PLATFORM Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with literary publicist Stephanie Barko who talks about her interactive web-based DIY Book Platform app that guides pre-pub authors of any g
Steve Sidelnyk

Drummer Insider: Steve Sidelnyk

DRUMMER INSIDER: STEVE SIDELNYK It all started in the early 1980’s when UK-based drummer, composer and programmer Steve Sidelnyk answered a local ad for a drummer needed for an act for Paul Weller

Fear: False Evidence or Real?

FEAR: False Evidence or Real? By Corey Poirier I was watching the movie Pain and Gain recently.  In the movie it was noted that the letters to fear stand for False Evidence Appearing Real. Yet, when
Hilarie Larson - Travel Writer & Sommelier

Hilarie Larson: Wine Industry Insider

INSIDE THE WORLD OF WINE Hilarie Larson: Wine Writer, Educator & Sommelier Hilarie’s passion for wine began in the 1970’s while in the European hospitality industry. In 2003 she began her wine