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How to Turn Movie Night into a Fun Exercise in Building Communication and Character

While we may all be hooked up and connected through the world of social media and digital electronics, there’s nothing like a good sit-down, in-person conversation with those we love. A conversation that goes beyond the day-to-day communication about busy schedules, what to buy at the grocery store, or some juicy celebrity scandal. A conversation that’s fun and lively, connects with one another, and imparts a life lesson.  Enter the 8 Keys of Excellence and Movie Night! See the Movie Stories of Excellence feature in the winter 2017 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, and listen to the Big Blend Radio interviews below, where Steve Schneickert and Bobbi DePorter discuss the story connections between the Stage & Screen and the 8 Keys of Excellence, a character education program developed by Bobbi, co-founder of SuperCamp.

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