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Ralph Masengill, Jr: Every one of us is constantly affected by change. Change never stops, and whether it’s positive change or not, our first reaction is usually fear. The truly successful people of the world have a good understanding of change and how to make it work to their advantage.

Ralph Masengill, Jr, is the author of “Conquer Change and Win”. In addition to a complete understanding of change and how to use that knowledge to make yourself a winner every time, you will find in this fascinating book:

  • 100 plus ways to more Happiness and Wealth
  • 32 ways to be a more likeable leader
  • 30 ways to beat Fear
  • 15 steps to help you always make the right decision
  • 25 better ways to motivate others to your way of thinking

That is just the beginning of the wealth of knowledge you will find in this exciting book on change and how to conquer it. In forty-plus years as a consultant, coach, advisor and public relations strategist, Masengill has observed that successful people share two characteristics. First, they are willing to take a calculated risk and endorse positive change on a regular basis. Secondly, they have learned how change affects their emotions and how to overcome the fear of change.

Masengill’s life story is one of personal challenge, tragedy, and triumph. His professional career has been defined by great success in both the private and public sectors. His agency, Masengill Marketing Associates, has won over 850 national and regional advertising and marketing awards. He is one of the original change agents in the United States.

Conquer Change and Win, is an easy-to-read, fun book about the serious subject of change. Ralph also joined a select group of business experts and entrepreneurs from around the world, including Brian Tracy, to co-write the book, “Beat The Curve: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Secrets To Outperforming The Status Quo in Health, Wealth and Success.”

A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Masengill’s postgraduate work includes the Dr. W. Edwards Deming course on change and quality management. He and his wife Dianne live near the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. They have four grown children, two dogs and a cat. Masengill enjoys woodworking, oil painting, sailing and helping with his favorite charities in his spare time.

Learn more at www.ConquerChangeandWin.com



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