Rockhounding 101

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Jasper, Quartz, Agate & Petrified Wood
by Marilee Strech

A rockhound is a geology enthusiast who enjoys collecting rocks, minerals and gemstones as found in their natural state. Children who collect rocks along with their elders, are often called a “pebble puppy”. There are many kinds of rocks to collect, from gold to garnets, from granite to gneiss, from fossils to fluorescents. Rockhounding also encompasses the study of chemistry, crystallography, geology, metalsmithing, jewelry making and lapidary, to name just a few.  Read Marilee Strech’s article about the hobby of rockhounding, in ithe winter 2017 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.

Read About Rockhounding in Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine!

Crossroads Treasures, Santa Ysabel, CA

About the Author:

An avid rockhound, Marilee Strech owns Crossroads Treasures, a gift shop that features a variety of rocks and gems, beads and jewelry, plants and books, and is just down the hill from Julian, a popular mountain destination Southern California.

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