The Elephant Project

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Elephants are in danger worldwide – be it poaching in Africa for their ivory, or being used in the tourism trade in Asia. Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Adam M. Roberts “The Compassionate Conservationist”, a wildlife conservation and environmental expert, who discusses The Elephant Project’s innovative and new ideas and solutions to address the short and long-term threats to elephant survival.

A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, The Elephant Project’s plan is to create a safe haven for elephants to live without fear of human interference, by building communities in harmony with their natural habitat that will serve as a buffer between poachers and these iconic creatures. The organization is also working to establish non-invasive research facilities to develop technologies that provide solutions to end poaching and human-elephant conflicts, and address the impact climate change has on their ability for long term survival. The Elephant Project wants to demonstrate that conservation efforts built on a humane economy can benefit not only the elephants, but the country and its citizens, and serves as a model for other countries throughout the continent.

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