Walking The Environmental Tightrope

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Listen to 3 Big Blend Radio interviews featured in the Winter 2017 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, focusing on Wildlife Conservation, Climate Change and Environmental Health – including:

BEYOND DIRTY FUELS: Lena Moffitt, the Sierra Club Director of Beyond Dirty Fuels, talks about taking environmental action steps for 2017, along with the toxic issues of fracking, big oil, the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone Pipeline, and the economic and environmental benefits of the solar and clean energy industry. Visit www.BeyondOil.org.

WILDLIFE CONSERVATION & CLIMATE CHANGE: Special post-election discussion on action steps in 2017 for wildlife protection, the environment and mitigation of climate change. Featured guests include: Adam M. Roberts – CEO of Born Free USA animal advocacy and wildlife conservation organization (www.BornFreeUSA.org), and Les McCabe – President & CEO of Global Green USA environmental conservation organization (www.GlobalGreen.org).

CHEMICAL EFFECT OF BPA: Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in many consumer products including water bottles, metal food storage products and certain resins. Often, aquatic environments such as rivers and streams become reservoirs for BPA, affecting turtle habitats. Last year, a team of researchers led by the University of Missouri determined that BPA can disrupt sexual function in painted turtles, causing males to develop female sex organs. Now, the team has shown that BPA also can induce behavioral changes in turtles, reprogramming male turtle brains to show behavior common in females. Researchers worry this could lead to population declines in painted turtles.

Dr. Cheryl Rosenfeld, the primary investigator on the study “BPA Can Disrupt Sexual Function in Turtles, Could be a Warning for Environmental Health”, talks about the harmful effects of BPA, as well as global environmental health issues. Cheryl is an associate professor of biomedical sciences in the MU College of Veterinary Medicine and an investigator in the Bond Life Sciences Center.



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