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Are You In Your Own Way?

Are You In Your Own Way?

ARE YOU IN YOUR OWN WAY: Red Pencil Mentality By Sarah H. Elliston Are You In Your Own Way? Easy answer? Yes. I get in my own way. Plenty of times. Nobody else does. I am responsible for me. I would
Reality Therapy

How Can Reality Therapy Help You?

HOW CAN REALITY THERAPY HELP YOU? By Sarah Elliston Reality Therapy is a system of being with people that creates freedom and connection at the same time.  This technique was created by Dr. William
Sarah Elliston: Lessons from a Difficult Person

Sarah Elliston - Communication

Sarah H. Elliston is a Big Blend expert contributor who specializes in Communication. Author of “Lessons from a Difficult Person – How to Deal With People Like Us”, Sarah is an expert in the ar