BIG BLEND MARKETING Since 1997, Big Blend has produced, published and distributed quality, engaging content in multimedia platforms, successfully educating and entertaining a regional, national and international audience of over 3 million. From radio shows and videos, to magazine editorial and event features, Big Blend’s customizable digital content marketing and branding system effectively specializes in promoting Communities & Destinations, Small Businesses & Organizations, Festivals & Special Events, Industry Experts & Authors. MEET OUR BIG BLEND AUDIENCE Covering a variety of topics that promote Quality of Life, Sustainability, Travel & The Arts, History & Nature, Big Blend has a cumulative monthly reading, listening and viewing audience of over 3 million. The majority are between 25-65 years of age, have a higher education, are homeowners, enjoy travel and recreation, and are family, community, socially and environmentally conscious.   All Big Blend content is submitted to search engines, distributed and promoted through multiple social and digital media outlets, and is mobile responsive and easy to view on all smartphones, computers and tablets. Big Blend’s Audience is National (All 50 States) & International:

  • Top 15 US States: California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Michigan, Tennessee, Nevada, North Carolina, Washington, New York, New Jersey.
  • Top 15 International Areas: USA, Mexico, Canada, Germany, England, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Spain.  

Big Blend’s Audience per Media Platform:
– Parks & Travel Magazine: Approx. 695,000 Reads Per Issue
– Approx. 2.1 Million Unique Visitors Per Month
 Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine: Approx. 855,000 Reads Per Issue
– Approx. 2.3 Million Unique Visitors Per Month
– Big Blend Radio: Approx. 60,000 Listens Per Month
– Social Media: 21,000+ Followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube
– Big Blend e-Newsletter: 300,000+ Subscribers

WHY PARTNER WITH US? From radio shows and videos, to magazine editorial and event features, Big Blend’s customizable digital content marketing and branding system effectively specializes in promoting:

  • Communities & Destinations who want to build a sustainable tourism market, increase business and residential relocation, and improve their economy.
  • Small businesses who want to boost their online branding power to promote their products, services and establishment, and increase sales.
  • Organizations who want to effectively promote and educate their target market, increase sales, and improve membership /sponsorship value.
  • Festival and special event organizers, venues and facilitators who want to maximize their online presence in order to increase event attendance.
  • Industry experts, authors, speakers and service providers who want to improve their online presence, build their expert platform, and increase sales.

BIG BLEND MARKETING PACKAGES Our marketing packages are customizable according to your budget, marketing and branding needs, and include:

  • Profile / Expert Page(s) in all appropriate directories on and/or
  • Magazine Display Ads in Parks & Travel Magazine and/or Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.
  • Web Banner Ads on and/or
  • Big Blend Radio, Editorial & Video Opportunities
  • Event Promotion on Big Blend Radio, &, and in Parks & Travel Magazine and/or Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.
  • Monthly Big Blend Marketeer e-Newsletter featuring business and marketing articles and interviews, plus, a list of upcoming Big Blend Radio and Editorial opportunities that are available exclusively to Big Blend partners.

Package pricing ranges from $795 per year to $2500 for 2 years. Ask about our Discounts for Non-Profit / Government Organizations, and Expert Contributors.




Bobbi DePorter

 “We are inspired by the admirable commitment of Lisa and Nancy to our national parks and thrilled the 8 Keys of Excellence are traveling with them to each park! The 8 Keys are principles to live by that have impacted ten million kids and people of all ages. We are excited to have Big Blend as our champion partner in our campaign to bring the 8 Keys of Excellence to 50 million people – creating a nation of excellence, a world of excellence!” says Bobbi DePorter, president of Quantum Learning Network.


Linda Kissam

“I’ve worked with many professionals in the wine and travel industry¸ but I have not met one that understands their profession and their clients as well as Big Blend Radio & TV does. Lisa Smith & Nancy Reid leave no detail unattended; from the affordable pricing, to the weekly contact, to the shows related to the destination, to the post follow up. Big Blend has created a positive¸ compelling and educational format that assists me in my efforts to market my clients and myself. I have received so much more than I anticipated – a sign that an expert team is in control.” Linda Kissam, Travel Writer, Publicist and Kissam Consulting.


Leah Launey & Peter Sodhy

“This year we were a little concerned that we might not have a good summer, because the Eurozone was depressed, and our European guests who normally book in January for June, July and August were hardly booking at all. In the past, our booking percentage had been about 50% Europeans and 50% Americans. As it turns out, this year we have been very pleased to fill our calendar with Californians and other Americans coming to visit their national parks. We believe that Big Blend, their Spirit of America Tour and their National Park Planner have had an awful lot to do with that. Thank you, Big Blend!” Leah Launey & Peter Sodhy, Three Rivers Bed & Breakfast.


John & Yvonne Peach

 “We appreciate your help and knowledge on bringing the 10 travel writers to Yuma for the Yuma Centennial Celebration. You have helped educate the public, as well as John and I, on how we can make Yuma a major tourism destination—for both business and leisure travelers. We have always welcomed you, here at the Coronado Motor Hotels, as good friends and colleagues all working for the same goals. You have showed us how important good marketing can be. We have learned that advertising and social media are very important when you are trying to brand your business. You are welcome here at the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel, your home away from home.” Yvonne & John Peach, Coronado Motor Hotel and Yuma Landing Bar & Grill.


Victoria Chick

“Lisa and Nancy – the ladies with the Magic Marketing Plan – have increased my web traffic five-fold. As an artist and art dealer in a small market, I depend on the internet for sales. Through ads in the Big Blend family of on-line magazines, radio programs and articles, I hear from people all over the world and the number of people making purchases has greatly increased. I appreciate their working with me to tailor a marketing package that suits my needs. Their creative thinking and great communication with me lets me know they strive to make my business better.” Victoria Chick, Artist & Print Collector.