Hot, Trendy, and New Produce Trends 2023


A 2023 Bible for the Culinary Obsessed Foodie
By Linda Kissam “Food, Wine & Shopping Diva”

When the clock struck midnight on January 1, millions of Americans committed to eating better, exercising, and trying to munch on more fruits and vegetables. While many of these resolutions will be broken, the growing popularity of fruit, vegetables, and plant-based dishes is proving far more doable.


Each year different vegetables have their own “moment in the sun” thanks to the union of different generational values. Aging boomers are trying to improve their health and live longer by seeking out fruits and vegetables. Millennials and Gen Z’ers make many of their choices based on issues like climate change and animal welfare. With that in mind, here are the fruits and veggies that Melissa’s Worldwide Produce tells us will soon be on the tips of everyone’s ravenous palates. You can find most if not all, the items listed below in a supermarket or gourmet grocery store in your area.

Most Popular Specialty Produce in 2022 (in order)

Dutch Yellow Potatoes 

Baby Red Potatoes 

Gemstone Potatoes 

Dragon Fruit, white 

Ginger Root 

Steamed Lentils 

Steamed Baby Red Beets 

Chayote Squash 

Baby Dutch Red Potatoes 

Kiwano Melon 

Produce Trends in 2023 (no particular order):


Organic Harry’s Berries Strawberries

Pine Berries 

Japanese Strawberries (pink, white, red, mix)

Dragon Fruit (red flesh)

Yellow Dragon Fruit


Pink Pineapple   

Cotton Candy Grapes 


Pee Wee Medley Potatoes 

Chinese Eggplant 

Organic Ginger

Baby Bok Choy

Habanero Peppers

Newest items that are Trendy this year (no particular order):

Jalapeno Relish

Baby Baker Russet Potatoes

Chickpeas Snax(s)  garlic: 

Miracle Berry Cubes

Guava Paste

Calypso Mango 

Tasmanian Cherries  

Crown Melon

Japanese Strawberries (white, pink, red) – Just recently introduced

Pink Pineapple pre-cut  – Just recently introduced

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