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First Resident in the Historic Cemetery in Easton, Pennsylvania

History of American Burials

AMERICAN BURIAL MARKERS A Short History of Place, Materials, Style & Meaning   By Victoria Chick   With Thanksgiving coming up, one of the things I am grateful for are people who kept hist
Steve Schnieckert on Big Blend Radio with Hollywood History

Steve Schneickert: Hollywood History

Along with his roles on various Big Blend Radio Plays, Steve’s popular ‘Hollywood History’ podcasts have been entertaining Big Blend Radio and Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine audiences about n
Lance Laber
(520) 299-9191

Lance Laber

As the Executive Director of the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun in Tucson, Lance is a frequent Big Blend Radio guest who shares the colorful stories about famed Arizona artist Ettore ‘Ted’ DeGrazia a
Alice Buell

Artist Alice Standish Buell

ARTIST ALICE STANDISH BUELL On this episode of Big Blend Radio, contemporary figurative artist Victoria Chick discusses the life, art, and career of artist and printmaker Alice Standish Buell (1892
Art is Good For You

Art is Good for Us!

ART IS GOOD FOR US! From art therapy to crafting projects, experiencing art and learning about art, contemporary figurative artist Victoria Chick discusses how art can provide positive emotional and
Big Blend Radio Broadcast

National Parks Arts Foundation Artists-in-Residence Reunion 2023

NATIONAL PARKS ARTS FOUNDATION ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE REUNION 2023 Airing live from Peachtree City, Georgia with mother-daughter hosts Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith, this special Big Blend Radio
Arnolfini Portrait by Van Eyck

The Arnolfini Wedding Portrait

THE ARNOLFINI WEDDING PORTRAIT By Victoria Chick     ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Artist Victoria Chick talks about the symbolism behind the famous “Arnolfini Wedding Portrait” by Jan van Eyck.

Art During the Battle Between the States

ART DURING THE BATTLE BETWEEN THE STATES The American Civil War (April 12, 1861 – May 26, 1865) By Victoria Chick     During the time the American Civil War raged, 1861-1865, it was expres
V is for Victpry

Craig Nelson: V is for Victory

CRAIG NELSON: V IS FOR VICTORY   ON BIG BLEND RADIO: New York Times Bestselling WWII author and historian Craig Nelson discusses his latest book, “V is for Victory:  Franklin Roosevelt’s America

Ted DeGrazia's Ties with the People of Mexico and the Southwest

ARTIST TED DEGRAZIA’S CULTURAL TIES WITH THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO & THE SOUTHWEST From Diego Rivera and Jose Orozco to Padre Kino, Cabeza de Vaca, and the Yaqui and Tohono ‘O’odham, this epi