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Success in Music and Screenwriting

Success in Music and Screenwriting

SUCCESS IN MUSIC & SCREENWRITING From branding and marketing to honing your craft and keeping up-to-date on industry changes, listen to this Big Blend Radio Success in Music & Screenwriting Ex
Springfield Bonded Film Complex
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Springfield Bonded Film Complex

SPRINGFIELD BONDED FILM COMPLEX   Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with James Bond III and Stephanie McMillin – Executive Director of the Springfield Tourism Commission, who discuss

40 Years in the Making: The Magic Music Movie

40 YEARS IN THE MAKING: THE MAGIC MUSIC MOVIE Acclaimed TV writer/producer Lee Aronsohn (The Big Bang Theory,Two and a Half Men, and Murphy Brown) talks with Big Blend Radio about his debut feature f

Let My People Vote Movie

LET MY PEOPLE VOTE MOVIE Acclaimed film director Gilda Ann Brasch talks with Big Blend Radio about “Let My People Vote,” the 2018 award-winning short documentary exposing the harsh voter suppressi

A Dangerous Idea Film

A DANGEROUS IDEA FILM Filmmaker Stephanie Welch talks with Big Blend Radio about her debut feature film “A DANGEROUS IDEA: Eugenics, Genetics and The American Dream.” A dangerous idea has threate

A Tribute to Carol Channing

A TRIBUTE TO CAROL CHANNING   “For my lifetime, I can’t think of anything more soul-fulfilling than I could have done.  It was the only thing to do…….” Carol Channing (January 31, 1921

Hungarian Hollywood History

HUNGARIAN HOLLYWOOD HISTORY There is a famous saying in Hungary that states: “Anywhere you go in the world it’s sure that you will find Hungarians there.”  This is especially true f
Michael Valentine


MICHAEL J. VALENTINE: MUSICIAN & FILMMAKER BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Michael J. Valentine, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and musician discusses his music, and producing and directing “COM
White Buffalo

Women of the White Buffalo

BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Filmmaker Deborah Anderson discusses her documentary “Women of the White Buffalo” that focuses on how the matriarchal society upended by centuries of genocide and coloni