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Brad Absher: Lucky Dog

Brad Absher: Lucky Dog

BRAD ABSHER & SWAMP ROYALE: LUCKY DOG Perfectly embodying the title of his new Triple A/Americana driven album, Brad Absher is one ‘Lucky Dog’!   Award-winning blues singer-songwriter Br
Shelley King - Kick Up Your Heels

Shelley King: Kick Up Your Heels

SHELLEY KING: KICK UP YOUR HEELS BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: This episode of Big Blend Radio’s Champagne Sundays show features Austin-based singer-songwriter Shelley King, who shares the songs an

Zakiya Hooker: Legacy

ZAKIYA HOOKER: LEGACY BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: On this episode, Zakiya Hooker discusses the songs and music in her new album “Legacy.” Listen or download the podcast on, Spreak
Blind Lemon Pledge: Backwoods Glance

Blind Lemon Pledge: Backwoods Glance

BLIND LEMON PLEDGE: BACKWOODS GLANCE   Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with James Byfield, aka Blind Lemon Pledge, about his music career and new album ‘Backwoods Glance’. Even a gu
Jeffrey Halford and The Healers

Jeffrey Halford and The Healers: West Towards South

JEFFREY HALFORD & THE HEALERS: WEST TOWARDS SOUTH   Soulful, blues-influenced storyteller, Jeffrey Halford who fronts his band The Healers, talks with Big Blend Radio about their ninth album,
Harvey Dalton - Stories to Live Up To

Harvey Dalton Arnold: Stories To Live Up To

HARVEY DALTON ARNOLD: STORIES TO LIVE UP TO   BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Harvey Dalton Arnold discusses his music and new album “Stories to Live Up To.” Listen to the whole show on BlogTalkRa
Blind Lemon Pledge

Blind Lemon Pledge: Goin’ Home

BLIND LEMON PLEDGE: GOIN’ HOME BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: James Byfield, aka Blind Lemon Pledge, discusses his music and eighth album “Goin’ Home.” Listen to the whole show on BlogTalkRadio.c
Kwame - Music

Kwame Binea Shakedown: Music

KWAME BINEA SHAKEDOWN: MUSIC Roots rocker Kwame Binea returns to Big Blend Radio with the band’s new single ‘Music’ and has a wonderful conversation about the positive power of music, and chats
Chantel McGregor

Guitarist Chantel McGregor

GUITARIST CHANTEL MCGREGOR  BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: On this episode, British blues-rock guitarist Chantel McGregor discusses her career and music, and latest single, “Stupid Love.” Listen to
Shirley King

Shirley King: Blues for a King

SHIRLEY KING: BLUES FOR A KING BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: On this episode, Shirley Kings talks about her music career and new album, “Blues for a King.” Listen to the podcast on, Soun

Blind Lemon Pledge: Evangeline

EVANGELINE San Francisco based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Blind Lemon Pledge (aka James Byfield) chats with Big Blend Radio about his latest album, “Evangeline.” The ha
Allison August: Holy Water

Allison August: Holy Water

ALLISON AUGUST: HOLY WATER   Southern California blues singer-songwriter Allison August talks with Big Blend Radio about her new album ‘Holy Water’ that features Paul Barrere of Little Feat,