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Dr. Jason Karp

Dr. Jason Karp – Run Fit

JASON KARP – RUN FIT From increasing overall health and fitness to boosting focus, creativity and happiness, Jason Karp, PhD – “Chief Running Officer” of, talks about th
Meditation for Heart Health

Meditation for Heart Health

MEDITATION AND CARDIOVASCCULAR BENEFIT By Jacqueline A. Eubany, MD, FACC FHRS, author of ‘Women & Heart Disease: The Real Story’ Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Dr. Jacqueline Eu

Beth Ricanati, MD: Braided

BRAIDED: A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND CHALLAHS Beth Ricanati, MD, chats with Big Blend Radio about her new book, “Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs,” that focuses on slowing down, baking, famil
Drink Less in 7 Days

Georgia Foster: Drink Less in 7 Days

DRINK LESS IN SEVEN DAYS Georgia Foster, the world-leading hypnotherapist that specializes in overdrinking, talks with Big Blend Radio about her new book ‘Drink Less in Seven Days’ where she shar
Kate Kaufmann

Kate Kaufmann: Do You Have Kids?

DO YOU HAVE KIDS? LIFE WHEN THE ANSWER IS NO Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Kate Kaufmann, author of “Do You Have Kids? Life When the Answer is No,” that explores what it means
The Vail Method by Dr. Matthew Ehrlick

Dr. Matthew Ehrlich: The Vail Method

MATTHEW EHRLICH: THE VAIL METHOD On this episode of Big Blend Radio, Dr. Matthew Ehrlich discusses his upcoming book, “The Vail Method: Getting Better Not Just Older,” that releases through Adva

Trish Laub: Comfort in Their Journey

TRISH LAUB: COMFORT IN THEIR JOURNEY On this episode of Big Blend Radio, Trish Laub discusses her book series, “Comfort in Their Journey,” that provides practical guidance for providing care, inc
Dancing in the Narrows

Anna Penenberg: Dancing in the Narrows

ANNA PENENBERG :DANCING IN THE NARROWS BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Anna Penenberg discusses her memoir, “Dancing in the Narrows: A Mother-Daughter Odyssey Through Chronic Illness.” Listen to her i
All Us Warriors

Rebecca Whitehead Munn: All of Us Warriors

ALL OF US WARRIORS: CANCER STORIES OF SURVIVAL & LOSS BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Rebecca Whitehead Munn discusses her new book, “All of Us Warriors.” Listen to her interview / download the pod
The Grieving Project

Lisa Sniderman: The Grieving Project

LISA SNIDERMAN: THE GRIEVING PROJECT This episode of Big Blend Radio features Lisa Sniderman creator of the new spoken word audiobook “The Grieving Project: A Moving Journey Through 14 Stages of Gri
Losing the Atmosphere

Vivian Conan: Losing the Atmosphere

VIVIAN CONAN: LOSING THE ATMOSPHERE Vivian Conan felt unreal and disconnected. She spoke to faces in the mirror that were not her own. And after years of therapy and multiple hospitalizations, she had