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Minimum Wage: It’s Getting Crazy!

Minimum Wage: It’s Getting Crazy!

MINIMUM WAGE: IT’S GETTING CRAZY! By S. Ward Heinrichs, Esq   Ward Heinrichs Esq., Partner of Backstrom & Heinrichs Attorneys at Law in San Diego, California, discusses the new federal, st
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California Non-Compete Agreements and Contract Clauses

CALIFORNIA NON-COMPETE AGREEMENTS & CONTRACT CLAUSES – DON’T USE THEM! By Ward Heinrichs Esq., San Diego Employment Attorney     ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Attorney ward Heinrichs discusses
Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette

DOES SOCIAL MEDIA SPELL THE END OF SOCIAL GRACES? Communication expert Leslie Shore discusses Social Media Etiquette on Big Blend Radio! The ‘social graces’ are becoming a thing of the pa

Find Positive Opportunity Amid COVID-19

FIND POSITIVE OPPORTUNITY AMID COVID-19 BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: On this episode, life coach and author Steve Piacente discusses “The Case for Crisis Opportunity.” Listen to the entire Big Ble
Renegade Capitalist: Unemployable!

Renegade Capitalist: Unemployable!

Known as the “Renegade Capitalist”, best-selling author and serial entrepreneur David Thomas Roberts discusses his new book, “Unemployable! on Big Blend Radio. Big Blend Radio · Renegade Cap

Strategic Vulnerability and Trust in the Workplace

STRATEGIC VULNERABILITY & TRUST IN THE WORKPLACE ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Lea Brovedani “The Trust Architect” talks about vulnerability and trust in the workplace. Watch here in the YouTube
Ted Frank: Get to the Heart

Ted Frank: Get to the Heart

GET TO THE HEART   Big Blend Radio interview with Ted Frank, author of ‘Get to the Heart: How Storytelling Secrets Can Make Your Presentation Clear, Compelling, and Earn You a Seat at the Table
Trust in Realtors

Building Trust as a Realtor

HOW TO BUILD TRUST AS A REALTOR This episode of Big Blend Radio features Lea Brovedani “The Trust Architect” who discusses How to Build Trust as a Realtor. As always, her 5 Tenets of Trust
Fair Trade Friday

Fair Trade Friday Club

FAIR TRADE FRIDAY CLUB This episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Quality of Life” Show features Kristen Welch, who along with her husband Terrell, founded Mercy House Global. Hear about the
May McCarthy: The Path to Wealth

May McCarthy: The Path to Wealth

THE PATH TO WEALTH Big Blend Radio interview with May McCarthy, author of “The Path to Wealth; Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance”. Scientists are discovering that the thoughts and b
Agriculture Center in Tulare, CA

Tulare, California is Growing with Opportunity

TULARE, CALIFORNIA IS GROWING WITH OPPORTUNITY ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Donnette Silva Carter, board member of the Sequoia Tourism Council and CEO of the Tulare Chamber of Commerce, shares how Tulare, Cali