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Historic Literary Ladies of England

Historic Literary Ladies of England

HISTORIC LITERARY WOMEN OF ENGLAND By Glynn Burrows, Norfolk Tours UK   Glynn Burrows, historian and owner of Norfolk Tours UK, discusses some of England’s historically noteworthy women in lit
Alpha-Mania Adventures Children’s Books

Alpha-Mania Adventures Children’s Books

ALPHA-MANIA CHILDREN’S BOOKS   Ruth Rumack, founder of Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space in Toronto, discusses her Alpha-Mania Adventures children’s book series on Big Blend Radio. Created by
Mary Mager: Pretend Princess

Mary Mager: Pretend Princess

PRETEND PRINCESS An Upside Down Fairy Tale by Mary Mager   Mary Mager chats with Big Blend Radio about her children’s book ‘Pretend Princess’ and musical CD ‘On Grandma’s Lap: Lullabies
Sandra V. Feder: The Moon Inside

Sandra V. Feder: The Moon Inside

THE MOON INSIDE Author Sandra V. Feder Helps Children with their Fear of the Dark   Sandra V. Feder, author of the popular Daisy series of children’s books, chats with Big Blend Radio about her
Tigers Nest

National Geographic Kids Explorer Academy Books

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS EXPLORER ACADEMY BOOK SERIES: THE TIGER’S NEST BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: This episode features Trudi Trueit, author of all the narratives for National Geographic Kids Explo
E. Andrew Martonyi

E. Andrew Martonyi

Author of the award-winning ‘Little Man in the Map’ geography books for kids, throughout the years Andrew has appeared on Big Blend Radio and contributed articles regarding children’s education
Pragmatic Princess

Dr. Rachel Kowert: Pragmatic Princess

RACHEL KOWERT: THE PRAGMATIC PRINCESS This episode of Big Blend Radio features research psychologist and award-winning author Dr. Rachel Kowert who presents tales of empowerment and self-reliance in

Sandra V. Feder: Bitter and Sweet

BITTER AND SWEET Critically acclaimed author of the popular Daisy series of children’s books, Sandra V. Feder chats with Big Blend Radio about her new children’s book ‘Bitter and Sweet’ that

World War II Night Before Christmas

WORLD WAR II NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS Written by Mike Guardia, illustrations by Melanie Stephens T’was the night before Christmas, when along the frontlines… In this rendition of “The Night Before

Brat and the Kids of Warriors by Michael Joseph Lyons

BRAT AND THE KIDS OF WARRIORS Author Michael Joseph Lyons chats with Big Blend Radio about his adventurous new novel “Brat and the Kids of Warriors” for tweens and teens, that brings life

The Nebula Secret by Trudi Trueit

EXPLORER ACADEMY: THE NEBULA SECRET Big Blend Radio interview with marine biologist David Gruber and Becky Baines, VP of National Geographic Kids, who discuss ‘The Nebula Secret’, the first book i
JB Jamison

JB Jamison Author Interview

J.B. JAMISON AUTHOR INTERVIEW Author and storyteller John Jamison chats with Big Blend Radio about his “Skwerdlock” kids series that encourages imagination and self-expression, and his Emily Grah