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Wave action at the rock pools

The Rewards are Many for Those Who Venture to Samoa

THE REWARDS ARE MANY FOR THOSE WHO VENTURE TO SAMOA by Debbie Stone   It takes much effort and time to get to Samoa, as this small, Polynesian island country is situated in the central South Paci
Pecan crusted chicken at Mansion House

Gettysburg Has a Dynamic Food Scene

DISCOVER A DYNAMIC FOOD SCENE IN GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA! by Debbie Stone Gettysburg is well known for its Civil War history and tourists come from all over to visit battlefield sites, museums, hist
Welcome to the Blue Lagoon!

Take a Soak at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

SOAK IN A SUBTERRANEAN SPA AT ICELAND’S BLUE LAGOON By Debbie Stone   Set amid black rock lava fields in the southwest corner of Iceland is the Blue Lagoon, a top attraction for visitors to the
Chocolate World

The Sweet Side of Life in Hershey, PA

EXPERIENCE THE SWEET SIDE OF LIFE IN HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANIA by Debbie Stone   If you have a sweet tooth or are a chocoholic, make a beeline to Hershey, PA., the “Sweetest Place on Earth.” Firs