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Calculated Risks

The Secret to a Happier and More Profitable Life

THE SECRET TO A HAPPIER & MORE PROFITABLE LIFE Taking only calculated risk is the secret to a more successful existence. By Ralph Masengill Jr.   On Big Blend Radio, Ralph Masengill Jr., auth
Walt Disney

Hollywood History of Celebrity Success

HOLLYWOOD HISTORY OF CELEBRITY SUCCESS As the 8 Keys of Excellence program reminds us, “Failure Leads To Success – Learn from mistakes.  View failures as feedback that provides you with the
Steve Piacente - Career Insider

Life Coach Insider: Steve Piacente

LIFE COACH INSIDER: STEVE PIACENTE Founder of Next Phase Life Coaching, Steve Piacente is a professional life coach who specializes in working with authors, journalists and others in the communicatio
Are YOU a Difficult Person?

Are YOU a Difficult Person?

ARE YOU A DIFFICULT PERSON? By Sarah Elliston   Sarah Elliston provides a profile of a difficult person, and tips on how to not be one, on Big Blend Radio. Does it feel as if everybody is arguin
Ralph Masengill Jr.

The One Great Change in My Life!

THE ONE GREAT CHANGE IN MY LIFE By Ralph Masengill Jr.   Ralph Masengill Jr. shares his incredible story on the one great change in his life, and how it led to his personal happiness and success

Bill Eddy: 5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life

BILL EDDY: 5 TYPES OF PEOPLE WHO CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE   Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Bill Eddy, who discusses the insights and high conflict personalities in his new book, “5 TYPE

Youth Success Week 2018

YOUTH SUCCESS WEEK 2018   Big Blend Radio spotlight on Youth Success Week 2018 in Oceanside, California. Featured guests include CAYS Co-founders Bobbi DePorter – Co-Founder of SuperCamp and P

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution

LIBERATED: THE NEW SEXUAL REVOLUTION Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Benjamin Nodot, filmmaker and founder of Magic Lantern Pictures, who discusses his documentary “Liberated: The New

Youth Success Week 2018: California to Chicago

YOUTH SUCCESS WEEK 2018: CALIFORNIA TO CHICAGO Big Blend Radio Spotlight on Youth Success Week 2018 in Oceanside, California and in Brookwood, Illinois.   This event and program was created by

Academic Excellence and Character Development

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE & CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Join Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, the mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Magazines, for a Big Blend Radio’s Quality of Life

Paul Yin and Trina A. Kraus: Explosions of Joy

EXPLOSIONS OF JOY Prominent Chinese psychologist Paul Yin and Pennsylvania based High School English teacher Trina A. Kraus discuss their heartfelt and inspiring book, “Explosions of Joy: A Memoir

Three Steps for Dealing with Unrealistic Expectations

THREE STEPS FOR DEALING WITH UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS By Sarah H. Elliston   On this episode of Big Blend Radio’s Quality of Life Show, Sarah H. Elliston, author of “Lessons from a Diffic