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Love Without Martinis

Chantal Jauvin: Love Without Martinis

CHANTAL JAUVIN: LOVE WITHOUT MARTINIS While some 30% of all marriages end in divorce, that rate goes up to 50% when one of the partners suffers from an alcohol use disorder. On this episode of Big B
Fifty First Dates After Fifty

Carolyn Lee Arnold: Fifty First Dates After Fifty

CAROLYN LEE ARNOLD: FIFTY FIRST DATES AFTER FIFTY ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Carolyn Lee Arnold discusses dating and her new memoir, “Fifty First Dates After Fifty.” Watch here in the YouTube player or d
Chasing Life by Robert Pardi

Robert Pardi: Chasing Life

ROBERT PARDI: CHASING LIFE ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Life coach and author Robert Pardi discusses his memoir, “Chasing Life: The Remarkable True Story of Love, Joy and Achievement Against All Odds.” Lis
She Walks in Beauty

Jim McCarty: She Walks in Beauty

JIM MCCARTY: SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Drum legend Jim McCarty talks about his music, spirituality, and second memoir, “She Walks in Beauty.” Watch here in the YouTube player or down
Grand Distance by Susan Hoffman

Susan Hoffman: Grand Distance

SUSAN HOFFMAN: GRAND DISTANCE Susan Hoffman became an advocate and activist for disenfranchised grandparents after she was faced with a stay-away letter from her grandson’s parents following a stepp
Dawn Maslar: Men Chase Women Choose

Dawn Maslar: Men Chase Women Choose

MEN CHASE, WOMEN CHOOSE Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with ‘Love Biologist’ Dawn Maslar, MS, author of “Men Chase, Women Choose: The Neuroscience of Meeting, Dating, Losing Your Mind a

Diversity in the Book World

DIVERSITY IN THE BOOK WORLD Big Blend Radio panel discussion focusing on diversity in the writing and publishing world.   On this segment: – Catherine Greenspan and Elizabeth Atkins, the

Dana Bowman: How to Be Perfect Like Me

HOW TO BE PERFECT LIKE ME Award-winning author and popular blogger Dana Bowman chats with Big Blend Radio about her memoir, “How to be Perfect Like Me” where she candidly recounts how her alcoholi
Find Something Awesome Book Series

Matt Scott: Find Something Awesome!

FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! A Book Series by Matt Scott that Teaches Kids Early in Life the Wisdom and Life Lessons Adults Get From Self-help Books   Matt Scott discusses his FIND SOMETHING AWESOME
A Feminist's Guide to Raising a Little Princess - Devoral Blacher

Devorah Blachor: A Feminist’s Guide to Raising a Pink Princess

A FEMINIST’S GUIDE TO RAISING A PINK PRINCESS   Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with author and New York Times Motherlode columnist Devorah Blachor, who talks about her new book, “THE
Emma Johnson: The Kickass Single Mom

Emma Johnson: The Kickass Single Mom

THE KICKASS SINGLE MOM Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Emma Johnson, who discusses her new book, “THE KICKASS SINGLE MOM: Be Financially Independent, Discover Your Sexiest Self, and

Trish Laub: Comfort in Their Journey

TRISH LAUB: COMFORT IN THEIR JOURNEY On this episode of Big Blend Radio, Trish Laub discusses her book series, “Comfort in Their Journey,” that provides practical guidance for providing care, inc