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Mercy's Quest

East S. M.: Mercy’s Quest

EAST S.M. – MERCY’S QUEST This episode of Big Blend Radio features East S.M., author of occult fantasy novel “Mercy’s Quest” that will take you on a journey from the Appalachian

Shadow King by Susan K. Hamilton

SHADOW KING Author Susan K. Hamilton talks with Big Blend Radio about her latest novel, “Shadow King. In this dark fantasy story, a Fae Seer and the Fae Patriarch of Boston’s criminal underworld

Edgar Swamp: Amber Hollow

EDGAR SWAMP: AMBER HOLLOW On this episode of Big Blend Radio, author Edgar Swamp discusses his new mystery novel “Amber Hollow,” that blends horror and fantasy into a white-hot thriller centered
Infinite Retribution by Robert Stack

Robert Stadnik: Infinite Retribution

ROBERT STADNIK: INFINITE RETRIBUTION BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: This episode features Robert Stadnik, a science fiction writer, and popular author of the “Exodus Starship” adventure serie
Book of Demons

Kevin Moore: The Book of Demons

KEVIN MOORE: THE BOOKS OF DEMONS This episode of Big Blend Radio’s 2nd Wednesday “Writers & Authors” Show with Books Forward features Kevin Moore who discusses his latest superna
The Musician

Heloisa Prieto: The Musician

HELOISA PRIETO: THE MUSICIAN ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Award-winning Brazilian author Heloisa Prieto discusses her magical new novel, “The Musician.” Watch here in the YouTube player or download
The Great Weather Diviner

Andrew Dolberg and Rob Long: The Great Weather Diviner

AUTHORS ANDREW DOLBERG & ROBER LONG: THE GREAT WEATHER DIVINER This episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Nature Connection” Show features authors Rob Long and Andrew Dolberg who discuss