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Historic Literary Ladies of England

Historic Literary Ladies of England

HISTORIC LITERARY WOMEN OF ENGLAND By Glynn Burrows, Norfolk Tours UK   Glynn Burrows, historian and owner of Norfolk Tours UK, discusses some of England’s historically noteworthy women in lit

Invasion of the Philippines

INVASION OF THE PHILIPPINES On this episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Military Monday” Show, Mike Guardia discusses the Invasion of the Philippines (December 8, 1941, to May 8, 1942) by
Cuba’s Car Culture

Cuba’s Car Culture

CUBA’S CAR CULTURE Welcome to Cuba’s automotive time capsule, filled with classic cars.   Award-winning “barn find” author Tom Cotter chats with Big Blend Radio about his new
Helen Hunt Jackson

Author Helen Hunt Jackson’s English Ancestry

AUTHOR HELEN HUNT JACKSON’S ENGLISH ANCESTRY Article by Glynn Burrows, family history expert and owner of Norfolk Tours in England; photos by Simon Knott, SuffolkChurches.co.uk BIG BLEND RADIO INT
Big Blend Radio - Stories Across America

Big Blend Radio: Stories Across America

BIG BLEND RADIO: STORIES ACROSS AMERICA Welcome to the new 4th Friday Big Blend Radio Podcast Festival, featuring six interviews covering Stories Across America, as part of the Love Your Parks Tour. 
Mad Anthoney Wayne pot and chair

General Anthony Wayne: A Strange Journey Home

GENERAL ANTHONY WAYNE: A STRANGE JOURNEY HOME A “British Connection” Love Your Parks Tour Story assigned by Glynn Burrows of Norfolk Tours in England, and compiled by Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. S
Tenement Museum - Debbie Stone

Immigrant History Comes Alive at the Tenement Museum

IMMIGRANT HISTORY COMES ALIVE AT THE TENEMENT MUSEUM by Debbie Stone        Photos Courtesy of the Tenement Museum, Main image above by Debbie Stone     I had always wanted to tour the T