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The Reincartionist

D. Eric Maikranz: The Reincarnationist Papers

BIG BLEND RADIO: D. Eric Maikranz discusses his thrilling novel, “The Reincarnationist Papers.” Listen here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on PodBean or SoundCloud.   With o
The Idealist: The Story of Baron Pierre de Coubertin

The Idealist: The Story of Baron Pierre de Coubertin

THE IDEALIST The Story of Baron Pierre de Coubertin   Olympic insider and author George Hirthler talks with Big Blend Radio about his new historical novel, “THE IDEALIST: The story of Baron Pie
Barbara Crane: When Water Was Everywhere

Barbara Crane: When Water Was Everywhere

WHEN WATER WAS EVERYWHERE Big Blend Radio Interview with Barbara Crane, author of the award winning historical novel, ‘When Water Was Everywhere’.   Once upon a time in Los Angeles, water wa
7th Flag by Sid Balman

Sid Balman Jr.: Seventh Flag

SID BALMAN JR.: SEVENTH FLAG   BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: On this episode, Pulitzer nominee, veteran reporter, and author, Sid Balman Jr. discusses his sweeping work of historical fiction, “Sev
Andrew Rowen - Encounters Unforeseen

Andrew Rowen: Encounters Unforeseen: 1492 Retold

ENCOUNTERS UNFORESEEN: 1492 RETOLD   Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Andrew Rowen, who discusses the research and story behind his historical novel “Encounters Unforeseen: 1492 Ret

Rita Dragonette: The Fourteenth of September

THE FOURTEENTH OF SEPTEMBER by RITA DRAGONETTE Author Rita Dragonette discusses her compelling debut novel that portrays a pivotal time during the Vietnam War era, through the rare perspective of a y

Lauren Speeth: Thread for Pearls

THREAD FOR PEARLS: A STORY OF RESILIENT HOPE Author Lauren Speeth discusses her debut novel ‘Thread for Pearls’ on Big Blend Radio. Set during one of the most politically divisive eras in America

Sue Ingalls Finan: The Cards Don’t Lie

THE CARDS DON’T LIE Author Sue Ingalls Finan talks with Big Blend Radio about her debut novel, “The Cards Don’t Lie,” that was inspired by the contributions of citizens during the Battle of N

Brat and the Kids of Warriors by Michael Joseph Lyons

BRAT AND THE KIDS OF WARRIORS Author Michael Joseph Lyons chats with Big Blend Radio about his adventurous new novel “Brat and the Kids of Warriors” for tweens and teens, that brings life
wages for an empire

Michael J. Cooper: Wages of Empire

MICHAEL J. COOPER: WAGES OF EMPIRE ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Award-winning author Michael J. Cooper discusses his latest historical fiction novel, “Wages of Empire.” Watch here in the YouTube p
A Hundred Fires in Cuba

John Thorndike: A Hundred Fires in Cuba

A HUNDRED FIRES IN CUBA Author John Thorndike talks with Big Blend Radio about his latest novel ‘A Hundred Fires in Cuba,’ a complex love story that’s set in Havana and Miami in the late ‘50s
Repentence by Andrew Lam

Repentance by Andrew Lam MD

REPENTANCE   On this episode of Big Blend Radio, award-winning surgeon-author Andrew Lam discusses his dramatic new novel, “Repentance” that approaches the storied history of the 442nd Regim