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Peppino - Connexion

Guitarist Peppino D’Agostino: Connexion

GUITARIST PEPPINO D’AGOSTINO: CONNEXION   BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: On this episode, guitar master and composer Peppino D’Agostino discusses his music and new solo album “Connexion.”
Vegas Blue - Brian Tarquin

Brian Tarquin: Vegas Blue

BRIAN TARQUIN: VEGAS BLUE   BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Guitarist Brian Tarquin discusses his music, gun laws, and new album “Vegas Blue.” Listen to the whole show on, listen
Pierre Bensusan

Guitarist Pierre Bensusan: Azwan

GUITARIST PIERRE BENSUSAN: AZWAN BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: World music fingerstyle guitar virtuoso Pierre Bensusan discusses his music, songwriting process, and new album “Azwan.” Listen to the i
Elliott Nelson

Elliot Nelson: As He Now Appears

ELLIOT NELSON: AS HE NOW APPEARS BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Instrumentalist Elliot Nelson talks about his music and debut album “As He Now Appears.” Listen to his interview on, Sound
Jon Durant & Peter Chilvers

Jon Durant and Peter Chilvers: Always Golden Sands and Vista

JON DURANT & PETER CHILVERS: ALWAYS GOLDEN SANDS & VISTA This episode of Big Blend Radio features English keyboardist Peter Chilvers and American guitarist Jon Durant. Hear about their collabo

Guitarist Eric Byak

GUITARIST ERIC BYAK On this episode of Big Blend Radio’s Champagne Sundays show, celebrated guitarist Eric Byak discusses his career and current music projects including the single “Laguna Br
Aerial Views - Todd Mosby

Todd Mosby: Aerial Views

TODD MOSBY: AERIAL VIEWS On this episode of Big Blend Radio, acclaimed Imrat guitarist and composer Todd Mosby discusses his latest album “Aerial Views,” the third in a series of concept album