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Sue Ingalls Finan: The Cards Don’t Lie

THE CARDS DON’T LIE Author Sue Ingalls Finan talks with Big Blend Radio about her debut novel, “The Cards Don’t Lie,” that was inspired by the contributions of citizens during the Battle of N

Diversity in the Book World

DIVERSITY IN THE BOOK WORLD Big Blend Radio panel discussion focusing on diversity in the writing and publishing world.   On this segment: – Catherine Greenspan and Elizabeth Atkins, the

Brat and the Kids of Warriors by Michael Joseph Lyons

BRAT AND THE KIDS OF WARRIORS Author Michael Joseph Lyons chats with Big Blend Radio about his adventurous new novel “Brat and the Kids of Warriors” for tweens and teens, that brings life

Shadow King by Susan K. Hamilton

SHADOW KING Author Susan K. Hamilton talks with Big Blend Radio about her latest novel, “Shadow King. In this dark fantasy story, a Fae Seer and the Fae Patriarch of Boston’s criminal underworld

America Deconstructed by Chai Sohan and Shaima Adin

AMERICA DECONSTRUCTED Author Chai Sohan talks with Big Blend Radio about ‘America Deconstructed,’ her new book co-authored with Shaima Adin, and explores themes of home and belonging in America t
Broken Bargain

Kathleen Day: Broken Bargain

BROKEN BARGAIN Award-winning journalist and author Kathleen Day talks with Big Blend Radio about her latest book, “Broken Bargain: Bankers, Bailouts, and the Struggle to Tame Wall Street.” Kathle
Drink Less in 7 Days

Georgia Foster: Drink Less in 7 Days

DRINK LESS IN SEVEN DAYS Georgia Foster, the world-leading hypnotherapist that specializes in overdrinking, talks with Big Blend Radio about her new book ‘Drink Less in Seven Days’ where she shar
A Hundred Fires in Cuba

John Thorndike: A Hundred Fires in Cuba

A HUNDRED FIRES IN CUBA Author John Thorndike talks with Big Blend Radio about his latest novel ‘A Hundred Fires in Cuba,’ a complex love story that’s set in Havana and Miami in the late ‘50s
The Throwaways

LS Hawker: The Throwaways

THE THROWAWAYS On Big Blend Radio, author L. S. Hawker talks about “The Throwaways,” her new thriller that diverges from her first three novels in narrative style, yet remains loosely connected t

Sayde Scarlett: Clouds and Earth

CLOUDS AND EARTH Sayde Scarlett talks with Big Blend Radio about her debut thriller “Clouds and Earth,” where corruption and deception lurk around every corner. It’s 150 years into the future
Repentence by Andrew Lam

Repentance by Andrew Lam MD

REPENTANCE   On this episode of Big Blend Radio, award-winning surgeon-author Andrew Lam discusses his dramatic new novel, “Repentance” that approaches the storied history of the 442nd Regim