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Ownership: Taking Responsibility of One’s Actions

OWNERSHIP: TAKING RESPONSIBILITY OF ONE’S ACTIONS Listen to the 8 Keys of Excellence Big Blend Radio Panel Discussion focusing on OWNERSHIP, the 6th Key of Excellence. Featured guests include: Bobb
Students with high energy.

Life Skills For Youth Success

LIFE SKILLS FOR YOUTH SUCCESS Bobbi DePorter, Co-founder of SuperCamp and President of Quantum Learning Network, talks with Big Blend Radio about the importance of teaching life skills to teens and p
E. Andrew Martonyi

E. Andrew Martonyi

Author of the award-winning ‘Little Man in the Map’ geography books for kids, throughout the years Andrew has appeared on Big Blend Radio and contributed articles regarding children’s education

SuperCamp U Virtual Youth Education Program

SUPERCAMP U VIRTUAL YOUTH EDUCATION PROGRAM Focusing on e-learning, this episode of Big Blend Radio features Bobbi DePorter – Co-founder of SuperCamp and President of Quantum Learning Network,

Rosie Reader Literary Adventures for Children Ages 3 to 5

Maria Coder discusses her new play-based website that’s filled with book-inspired activities and free printables for little kids to provide literary escapism, virtual resources for

Matt Scott: Positive Parenting

MATT SCOTT: POSITIVE PARENTING “What I finally learned about true happiness as an adult, I wanted to teach kids early in life in a way that they could understand and use to get through the bumps o
Teen Problems

How to Build Rapport with Your Teens

HOW TO BUILD RAPPORT WITH YOUR TEENS By Bobbi DePorter, as outlined in her book “The 7 Biggest Teen Problems & How to Turn Them Into Strengths” BIG BLEND RADIO: Bobbi DePorter discusses onlin