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Losing the Atmosphere

Vivian Conan: Losing the Atmosphere

VIVIAN CONAN: LOSING THE ATMOSPHERE Vivian Conan felt unreal and disconnected. She spoke to faces in the mirror that were not her own. And after years of therapy and multiple hospitalizations, she had
Chasing Life by Robert Pardi

Robert Pardi: Chasing Life

ROBERT PARDI: CHASING LIFE ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Life coach and author Robert Pardi discusses his memoir, “Chasing Life: The Remarkable True Story of Love, Joy and Achievement Against All Odds.” Lis
Involuntary Exit

Robin Merle: Involuntary Exit

ROBIN MERLE: INVOLUNTARY EXIT ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Robin Merle, author of “Involuntary Exit: A Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Being Fired.” Watch here in the YouTube player or download the p
Fifty First Dates After Fifty

Carolyn Lee Arnold: Fifty First Dates After Fifty

CAROLYN LEE ARNOLD: FIFTY FIRST DATES AFTER FIFTY ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Carolyn Lee Arnold discusses dating and her new memoir, “Fifty First Dates After Fifty.” Watch here in the YouTube player or d
Terry Warren: The Art of Choice

Terry Warren: The Art of Choice

ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Executive Coach Terry Warren discusses his new book “The Art of Choice: Making Changes that Count in Work and Life.” Watch here in the YouTube player or download/listen to the
Love Without Martinis

Chantal Jauvin: Love Without Martinis

CHANTAL JAUVIN: LOVE WITHOUT MARTINIS While some 30% of all marriages end in divorce, that rate goes up to 50% when one of the partners suffers from an alcohol use disorder. On this episode of Big B