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Women’s Heart Health - Facts You Need to Know

WOMEN’S HEART HEALTH: FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW Heart disease is the number one cause of death in women in the US. It kills more women than lung and breast cancer combined. Symptoms of heart attack in

A Visit to Sydney, Australia

A VISIT TO SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA   Enjoy the Big Blend Radio conversation with Dr. Jacqueline Eubany who discusses her New Year’s visit to Sydney, Australia and shares some heart-healthy travel tip

Atrial Fibrillation

ATRIAL FIBRILLATION By Dr. Jacqueline Eubany   On this episode of Big Blend Radio, Dr. Jacqueline Eubany discusses Atrial Fibrillation, often called AFib or AF, which is the most common type of

Street Drugs and Heart Health

STREET DRUGS & HEART HEALTH By Dr. Jacqueline Eubany   Street drugs, especially stimulants like cocaine, methamphetamines, ecstasy, and speed can increase your risk for heart disease. Thes

10 Ways Women Can Improve Heart Health

10 WAYS WOMEN CAN IMPROVE HEART HEALTH BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: On this episode, Dr. Jacqueline Eubany shares ten ways women can improve their heart health including diet, stress relief, cholesterol
Love Based Mission - Therese Skelley

Love-Based Mission: How to Create a Business That Serves Your Soul

LOVE-BASED MISSION: HOW TO CREATE A BUSINESS THAT SERVES YOUR SOUL BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: This episode of Big Blend Radio’s Success Express Business & Career Show features Therese Skelly who
Virtual Summit

Keep Shining Virtual Summit

KEEP SHINING VIRTUAL SUMMIT How to Thrive with Chronic Illness & Limited Energy   BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Award-winning San Francisco folk singer-songwriter and author Lisa Sniderman, aka

Bombardier Blood Documentary

BOMBARDIER BLOOD DOCUMENTARY BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: Hemophiliac film director Patrick James Lynch along with documentary subject Chris Bombardier discuss their film “Bombardier Blood”. Listen
Two Ways Home

Two Ways Home

TWO WAYS HOME This episode of Big Blend Radio focuses on the independent film “Two Ways Home” with star/producer Tanna Frederick and director Ron Vignone. Listen to or download the podcast on PodB
The Grieving Project

Lisa Sniderman: The Grieving Project

LISA SNIDERMAN: THE GRIEVING PROJECT This episode of Big Blend Radio features Lisa Sniderman creator of the new spoken word audiobook “The Grieving Project: A Moving Journey Through 14 Stages of Gri
Heart Health 2021

Heart Healthy in 2021

HEART HEALTHY IN 2021 This episode of Big Blend Radio features board certified cardiologist and electrophysiologist Dr. Jacqueline Eubany. Hear her tips on how to get Heart Healthy for 2021, and also
Grand Distance by Susan Hoffman

Susan Hoffman: Grand Distance

SUSAN HOFFMAN: GRAND DISTANCE Susan Hoffman became an advocate and activist for disenfranchised grandparents after she was faced with a stay-away letter from her grandson’s parents following a stepp