5 Fabulous Picnic Party Accoutrements

From Crisps & Candy, to Glass & Serving Ware


Served with or without your favorite dip, Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps are wholesome and sumptuous picnic party snacks. Made from 100 percent American Farm grown corn, they’re always baked and not fried. There are three delicious and different flavors – the original, spicy jalapeño (goes great with guacamole), and mouth-watering honey-butter.

Another one of Farmer’s Pantry’s tasty creations, are their Meal Snacks featuring a hearty and crunchy serving of veggies and meats, all freshly sealed into one portable package. They’re perfect for road trips and traveling to-or-from your picnic party, or to take on a walk, hike or outdoor adventure. Each Meal Snack is inspired by traditional American flavors included herb roasted turkey, flame grilled chicken, garden harvest chicken with vegetables. 

Says Josh Chaitovsky, co-founder and CEO of Farmer’s Pantry, “We believe its high-time for snacks to be wholesome, substantial, made from natural ingredients and delicious.  We also believe that to be truly sustainable, we must pledge to give back to our American farmers and Americans in need, by supporting important charitable organizations such as Veterans Farm, Farm Aid, and Family Farms Charities.” Visit Farmer’s Pantry online at www.FarmersPantry.farm.

Who can say no to ‘Good For You Candy!’ As seen on Shark Tank, Ice Chips Candy is a refreshing, delicious and truly all-natural sugar-free candy. It’s made with Birchwood Xylitol, a low Glycemic Index natural and beneficial sweetener that is safe for diabetics, and even helps strengthen teeth and reduce new tooth decay. Ice Chips Candy make the perfect guilt-free after-meal treat. Great for picnic gatherings, the new Ice Chips Candy Party Pack features 6 tins each with a fun flavor including: Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Peppermint, Lemon, and Berry Mix.  See www.IceChipsCandy.com.

Broken glass is never part of a picnic’s fun factor, but elegant glassware is all part of the ambiance of enjoying a relaxing day of sips, nibbles and connecting with loved ones. symGLASS makes it all possible with their chic, innovative unbreakable drinkware that not only gives you the style and feel of a glass, but has the durability that makes it portable and usable for outdoor gatherings. Available in a selection of sizes and styles that range from pub glasses to stemless wine glasses, symGlass drinkware will not haze or discolor, is dishwasher and microwave safe, and will even keeps drinks cooler or hotter longer. We love that symGlass is BPA free and made in the USA, and that you can even have them personalized! See www.symGlass.com.


Remember those fun little charms that you’d wrap around the bottom of your wine glass stem at a party, so that you would remember which glass was yours? Great idea, but what if your glass is stemless? Most of the drinkware used at a picnic or gathering does not have a stem. Welcome Simply Charmed, the clever creators of whimsical and themed magnetic charms that attach on either side of any type of glass (including stemmed wine glasses). The magnets are super strong – once they’re on the glass, they stay there. From spring bunnies and tulips, to patriotic flags and fireworks for Memorial Day, the charm themes make for fantastic conversation starters and live up to their name of being “simply charming.” See www.WinesWithCharm.com.

Spilling your food or drink is a definite picnic party foul! Made in the USA, the Great Plate and the Great Coaster, are the ideal unbreakable, reusable, stackable and durable party tools that prevent spills. The Great Plate has a circular drink compartment in the middle – leaving your other hand free to pick up that sandwich or your favorite beverage while hanging out with your friends at a picnic party…or even floating about in the swimming pool! The Great Plate also makes a super serving platter where you can put your dip in the middle and your munchies on the side. Whether your picnic is at the beach, in the woods or riverside, the Great Coaster helps keep your drink from dumping over by keeping it raised up, cradled and balanced. It holds all kinds of cups, cans and bottles – and it can even be used to serve snacks and dips. Both products are dishwasher and microwave safe. www.TheGreatPlate.net.

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