A Compassionate and Friendly Approach to Handling Anger


By Shelley Whizin


In a world that often seems inundated with anger, impatience, and harsh judgment, the pursuit of joy and kindness becomes not only a noble endeavor but a necessary one. Disharmony can sometimes drown out the gentle notes of compassion, but it is precisely during such turbulent times that our commitment to spreading joy and kindness becomes most crucial. In the midst of anger, understanding the essence of being human and putting love into all we do can serve as a guiding light toward healing and harmony.

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Anger, a powerful and primal emotion, can manifest in various forms and intensities. It is an emotion that often arises from pain, frustration, or a sense of injustice. While anger is a natural part of the human experience, the way we choose to respond to it can either perpetuate a cycle of negativity or pave the way for transformation and healing. When we dwell on anger, rather than the hurt beneath the anger, we let the ego take control. Pride and anger become more important than love and a false sense of power.

One of the keys to handling anger, whether it is our own or that of others, lies in cultivating empathy and understanding. Holding the space for people to “be human” without judgment, helps to recognize that everyone carries their own burdens, battles, and scars, and is a fundamental aspect of being human. When faced with anger, instead of responding with more anger, one can choose the path of empathy, seeking to understand the root causes of the emotion or just allowing the person to be angry without putting any fuel into the fire.

Making this journey into the realm of emotions can be a bit more friendly. Anger, after all, is like that unexpected thunderstorm on a summer day – it can catch us off guard. Yet, again, it’s crucial to remember that anger often stems from pain, hurt, or frustration. When faced with someone’s anger, or even our own, we can take a moment to be like detectives of the heart. What’s the real story behind the anger? By putting on our empathy hats, we can dig a bit deeper and understand the why behind the what.

In putting love into all we do it is essential to approach situations with a compassionate heart. This means extending kindness not only to those who reciprocate but also to those who are seemingly engulfed in anger. Yes, it’s a challenge, but the rewards outweigh the challenge.

Kindness, as an antidote to anger, has the power to break down walls and build bridges of understanding. By choosing to respond with kindness, we contribute to the collective well-being of humanity.

Now, putting love into all we do doesn’t mean we need to start penning sonnets or carrying around bouquets of roses. It’s about bringing a sprinkle of kindness into our daily lives, especially when the storm clouds of anger gather. Imagine responding to anger with a warm cup of understanding and a generous splash of empathy – that’s the secret sauce of dealing with anger in a friendly way.

Joy, the beautiful counterpart to anger, is a state of being that transcends circumstances. While anger may be a response to external events, joy is an internal reservoir that can be tapped into even in the face of adversity. Cultivating joy involves a conscious effort to focus on the positive aspects of life, to express gratitude, and to find moments of beauty even in the mundane.

To truly put love into all we do, requires a mindful approach to daily interactions. Whether in our personal or professional lives, every action and decision can be infused with love and kindness. This means listening with empathy, offering a helping hand without expecting anything in return, and treating others with the respect and dignity inherent in recognizing the shared human experience.

When it comes to putting love into all we do, think of it as spreading peanut butter on the bread of life – it goes with everything. Whether it’s a smile to a stranger, a helping hand to a friend, or just being a good listener, every little act can be a dollop of love. It’s the small gestures that can create a ripple effect, turning a frown into a smile and transforming a moment of anger into an opportunity for connection.

Handling anger in others may require a delicate touch, but it is an opportunity to be a beacon of light in someone else’s darkness. Instead of meeting aggression with defensiveness, responding with a calm and understanding demeanor can be a powerful way to diffuse tension. By acknowledging the emotions of others and expressing a genuine desire to find common ground, we contribute to creating a more harmonious and compassionate world.

Dealing with anger in others might seem like tiptoeing through a minefield, but it’s a chance to be a superhero in someone else’s story. Instead of responding with a fire extinguisher of more anger, let’s be the cool breeze that calms the flames. A friendly tone, a touch of humor, and a willingness to find common ground can turn even the most heated situations into a friendly campfire chat.

In conclusion, navigating the currents of anger in today’s world requires a commitment to joy, kindness, and the understanding of being human. So, let’s grab our ‘joy-umbrellas’ and ‘kindness-balloons’ and float through life with a light heart. After all, putting love into all we do is not just a mission; it’s a friendly invitation to make the world a cozier, happier place, one smile, and kind gesture at a time… all leading to living a Yummy Delicious Life!


Shelley Whizin is a transformational life coach and the founder and CEO of the Soul Diving Institute™ (SDI), established to study and teach the art and science of Being Human.  She’s also the author of “The Healing Journal”, “The Story of the Magical Baby Grand Piano”, and “What Do You Bring to the Table? A Savory, Sensory and Inspirational Guide to Living a Yummy Delicious Life”. More at www.ShelleyWhizin.com



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About the Author:

Shelley Whizin is a transformational life coach and the founder and CEO of the Soul Diving Institute™ (SDI), established to study and teach the art and science of Being Human. 

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