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This episode of Big Blend Radio’s 1st Tuesday “Adventures in Asheville” Show features an onsite tour and tasting at the award-winning Two Trees Distilling in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s all about good taste, sustainability, and flavorful fun! Featured guests include Joe Ford & Joe Ragazzo from Two Trees Distilling, and cohosts Steve & Karen Wilson, owners of The Lion & The Rose Bed & Breakfast.

As you can hear in the podcast, Two Trees Distilling crafts fine spirits by pairing quality grains and fresh Appalachian Mountain water with the right char and toast of wood. No artificial ingredients are used, and their process is uniquely sustainable. In fact, by utilizing less than 10% of the wood that’s needed for traditional barrel-aging of spirits, Two Trees’ “Sustainably Matured™” initiative can reduce the industry’s dependency on wood by 90%! It’s fantastic that while they craft their Two Trees spirits, they also work with other brands to help the industry progress in saving trees like the American White Oak.

  • Bottling for Delivery
    Bottling for Delivery


Two Trees Distilling offers free tastings at their tasting room which provides an open view into the behind-the-scenes work at their production facility. During the tasting you will most likely find a few favorites, you can purchase a cocktail onsite, and, the actual product. Choose from their Wood-Crafted Bourbon Whiskeys, Folklore Bourbon Series, or Premium Two Trees Vodka. Perfect for sipping or mixing, each of their Two Trees Flavored Whiskeys pours a smooth and authentic flavor profile, with a delicious selection that includes Carolina Peach, Scorched Brown Sugar, Candy Apple, Sea Salted Caramel, Michigan Cherry, Cinnamon Spice, Peanut Butter, Golden Honey, Crisp Apple, plus, their signature Batch 314. And if ready-to-drink cocktails are your style, check out their Manhattan and Old-Fashioned Bourbon Whiskeys!

Adding to their growing list of awards, Two Trees Distilling recently won “Best Distillery” in the “Best of Asheville” Awards. Learn more at https://twotreesdistilling.com/

Big Blend Radio’s “Adventures in Asheville” Show airs every 1st Tuesday. Follow the show: http://tinyurl.com/3ewrb9b4 and learn more about The Lion & The Rose Bed & Breakfast which is located in the Montford Historic District, at https://www.lion-rose.com/


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