Adrien Finkel: My Naked Truth



Photographer, activist, writer and producer Adrien Finkel chats with Big Blend Radio about her project and book, MY NAKED TRUTH.

“I once thought that being ‘lost’ was a feeling for people in their twenties. I now know that being lost is ageless and sexless.”

During her mid-twenties, photographer, activist and Hollywood executive Adrien Finkel was fresh out of college and settling into her life in Los Angeles as a young actor attempting to create a fulfilled “adult” life. But she quickly began to feel pigeonholed creatively. Having once found comfort and strength in borrowed phrases, inspiring song lyrics, and famous quotes, her collection began to feel stale and joyless as her art simply became a way to pay the bills, feeling the world’s pressures and expectations piling up on her chest like rocks. Until she began a new project: MY NAKED TRUTH.

Armed with nothing but a camera and a black marker, Adrien began to rediscover the beauty of gathering and community, of tribes and families, as she turned to others for guidance in the form of inspiring words and phrases. Baring these sacred texts across their chests, arms, and backs, loved ones and beautiful strangers, cancer survivors, immigrants, rape victims, and sufferers of hate and racism all shared what moved and shaped them. “It was through those tales of brokenness, passion, and humanity that I was able to learn more about myself than I had in my adult life.”

With over 200 full-color photos, MY NAKED TRUTH captures intimate moments of people at their most authentic, from everyday strangers to celebrities such as Chris Redd (SNL), Christy Altomare (Spring Awakening, Anastasia), Hayley Marie Norman (Adam Ruins Everything), Cassie Silva (Hairspray), and more. An intimate and empowering photo journal, MY NAKED TRUTH speaks to anyone seeking encouragement, guidance, and validation, providing inspiration to look deeply into your heart, find you truth, and discover what truly matters most.

The perfect gift for anyone interested in human connections and books of affirmations, MY NAKED TRUTH uses beautiful photography and impactful language to tell the story of us.

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