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Ruth Rumack, founder of Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space in Toronto, discusses her Alpha-Mania Adventures children’s book series on Big Blend Radio.

Created by educator Ruth Rumack, founder of Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space in Toronto, Alpha-Mania Adventures is an innovative five-book series that ignites imagination and gives pre-reading children the foundation to become successful readers in the future. These exciting and colorful stories are the perfect tools to teach pre-reading skills through play. Storytime at home or in the classroom becomes fun and educational.

Each adventure combines the heroic quests of five intrepid kids with phonological awareness and phonics, the first two components necessary to become a good reader.

Every Alpha-Mania Adventures book includes:
An introduction to phonological awareness and tips to use the book to its maximum benefit
An exciting story that will charm young audiences
A Find the Hidden Objects phonics activity embedded in the illustrations
Bonus Activities related to phonological awareness, phonics, and/or letter formation
Easy-to-use guides on Letter Sounds and/or Letter Formation

Written by Jennifer Makwana and illustrated by Jalisa Henry, the Alpha-Mania Adventure series features the main characters: Alex, Eddie, Izzy, Olly and Umber– five friends who live in the magical Letter Lagoon. The five books in the series include:

  1. Captain Ray and the Rhyming Pirates: A Rhyming Book – Five Alpha-Maniacs are playing pirates on the beach when a band of real, but bumbling pirates come ashore looking for help with a treasure map. The Alpha-Maniacs jump at the chance to train the clumsy buccaneers in all aspects of being proper pirates.
  2. Slomo’s Secret Treasure: A Blending Book The Alpha-Maniacs discover a mysterious treasure map on the beach. As they follow the directions to find the hidden riches, they encounter a shadowy sloth, and they must interpret his slow speech in order to discover the mystery behind the treasure.
  3. The Fantastic Floating Feast: An Alliteration Book – Captain Ray and his band of memorable pirates return and invite the kids aboard their ship to celebrate their newfound treasure with a fantastic feast. Once on board, the clever kids quickly determine that their pirate friends no longer speak in rhyme, but rather in alliterative phrases.
  4. The Splitter Critter and the Greedy Pirates: A Segmenting Book – The Alpha-Maniacs discover a mysterious pirate ship belonging to a band of greedy pirates, out to steal treasure from the Letter Lagoon.
  5. The Great Riddle Race: A Sound Manipulation Book – The Alpha-Maniacs discover more mysterious clues in the form of riddles. With the help of the friendly Switch-a-Roo, the clever kids solve a series of riddles that lead them to an amazing discovery! Visit:



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