Amy Bizzarri: Iconic Hollywood Dishes, Drinks and Desserts



On this episode of Big Blend Radio’s 2nd Friday “Food, Wine & Travel Show” with the International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA), travel writer, tour guide, and author Amy Bizzarri chats about her new book “Iconic Hollywood: Dishes, Drinks & Desserts.” Watch here in the YouTube player or listen/download the podcast on Spreaker, PodBean, or SoundCloud.

Los Angeles is a city where film mingles with food. From healthful salads to sweet treats inspired by California’s agricultural bounty, the innovative fare mirrors the rise from a sleepy, western outpost to celluloid dream, where food has always played an award-winning role. The minds behind these delicious treasures include a pauper who reinvented himself as a prince, a penniless single mom who perfected a treasured recipe to create an empire, and a guru who provided good vibes and scandal alongside cold-pressed juices. Bake up the Cocoanut Grove’s Coconut Strawberry Cream Tarts and sip a Zombie from the first-ever Tiki bar to create a little Hollywood magic in your own kitchen.

In “Iconic Hollywood Dishes, Drinks & Desserts,” Amy Bizzarri rolls out the red carpet in celebration of Tinseltown’s iconic cuisine.

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