Andrew Dolberg and Rob Long: The Great Weather Diviner


This episode of Big Blend Radio’s “Nature Connection” Show features authors Rob Long and Andrew Dolberg who discuss their new book “The Great Weather Diviner,” a thrilling and heartwarming young adult fantasy adventure. Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Acast.


Set off into the unknown with an intrepid groundhog and his friends in search for a way to save his community in “The Great Weather Diviner: The Untold Origin of Punxsutawney Phil”. Reimagining the story of Punxsutawney Phil, debut authors Andrew Dolberg and Rob Long create a thought-provoking and delightfully charming environmental story. Perfect for readers 9 and up, and ideal for Groundhog’s Day!

A native of Punxsutawney, Rob Long grew up listening to the legendary folk tales of Punxy Phil. He is Deputy Vice-Mayor of Delray Beach, FL. Rob has dedicated his life to educating children on environmental stewardship and the importance of protecting the Everglades and mitigating the climate crisis for the next generation. With help from his writing partner, Andrew Dolberg, they turned the most legendary weather predictor into a hero that learns his role in the world can help more than just his small community of animal friends.

Philip Rodington IX aka “Junior” is a young groundhog with the power to predict and control the weather, but he’s still learning and sometimes his abilities get the better of him. When his hometown is devastated by a flood, he sets out to find the Guardians, legendary superpowered animals who help his home when they need it. Pursued by the evil raven overlord, Callidus, Junior must save his town, uncover the mysteries of his powers, and discover the truth about his family’s history and their role in the balance of nature. With the help of his new friend Jill, a brilliant hedgehog, Junior must decide whether he is willing to risk everything to save his home and restore harmony to the natural world.

Andrew Dolberg is a Florida native with a passion for using storytelling to effect change. With extensive experience advising elected officials and candidates at all levels of government, Andrew has a deep understanding of how to engage and empower local communities. He is also the founder of Champion Briefs, an education resources company that teaches students the power of public speaking, media literacy, research, and critical thinking through storytelling and debate. Andrew lives in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida.

Rob Long is a sixth-generation Punxsutawneyian who grew up amidst the lore and magic of the world’s greatest weather predictor. After moving to Delray Beach, Florida, Rob became Chair of Palm Beach County’s Soil & Water Conservation District, and currently serves as Deputy Vice-Mayor of Delray Beach. He regularly publishes editorials in the local papers and releases a monthly newsletter advocating for environmental protection and water quality. In 2022 he received the Public Service Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.

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This episode of Big Blend Radio's "Nature Connection" Show features authors Rob Long and Andrew Dolberg who discuss their new book "The Great Weather Diviner," a thrilling and heartwarming young adult fantasy adventure.

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