Artist Spotlight: Jeffrey Bihr



Jeffrey Bihr has been an actor, director, and composer for stage and screen for the last 40 years with an international career. As he shares in his Big Blend Radio interview, he is now channeling these experiences into a visual medium.

“I am a relatively new member of the Ithaca community, having relocated in the fall of 2014 from my home in the San Francisco Bay area. I love it here-the seasons, the changes of light; the mix of culture and beautiful rural environments. The move here has inspired me to paint-to put down on canvas what I have explored in other artistic pursuits: landscapes, nudes, abstracts, seascapes, playing with impressionism, pointillism, realism, naturalism, etc.

  • Blues Man by Jeffry Bihr
    Blues Man by Jeffry Bihr

My musical compositions and orchestrations feed into the interplay of light, shape, color and rhythm on canvas-what ‘plays’ in the foreground; what ‘plays’ in the background; my work in the theater as an actor helps me to stay aware of other elements: intensity, drama, story, surprise, resolution. My work as a director of plays helps me to remember line, form, texture, timbre, and the focus of the overall composition.”

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DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun National Parks Arts Foundation

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