Audrey Gale: The Human Trial


This episode of Big Blend Radio features author Audrey Gale who discusses her latest work, “The Human Trial,” that merges three genres: historical fiction, medical thriller, and coming-of-age story, cast with imperfect, relatable characters. Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Acast.


After an agonizing climb to earn his pathology specialty from Harvard Medical, early discoveries in the microscopic realms threaten not only Dr. Randall Archer’s hard-won place in the field of medicine, but his very life.


Dr. Randall Archer has always been a misfit…

…in the brutal blue-collar home where he grew up.

…as a 16-year-old escaping to college, then medical school, on a full scholarship to Harvard.

…in the highest echelons of Boston society, where the woman he marries and the blueblood research partner with whom he shares his laboratory belong.


Even Archer’s brilliance as a pathologist catapults him into direct and dangerous conflict with the medical establishment that he fought so hard to join. As the Great Depression presses down around him, Archer teeters at the edge of a precipice. He must choose between his hard-won career and the sacred oaths he took as a doctor and scientist—before all his choices are lost forever.

Audrey Gale long dreamed of being a writer, but never anticipated the circuitous road she’d take to get there. After twenty-plus years in the banking industry, she grew tired of corporate gamesmanship and pursued her master’s in fiction writing at the University of Southern California. Her first novel, a legal thriller entitled “The Sausage Maker’s Daughters,” was published under the name A.G.S. Johnson. The novel explores one woman’s struggle to find her place amidst the upheaval of the radical 1960s. Her second, “The Human Trial,” is the first book in a medical-thriller trilogy inspired by Gale’s own experiences with the gap between traditional medicine and approaches based on the findings of the great physicists of the 20th Century, like Einstein and Bohr. Both “The Sausage Maker’s Daughters” and “The Human Trial” incorporate Gale’s fascination with historical and scientific research, and always with women finding their places. Gale lives in Los Angeles with her husband and dogs where she is found hiking the Santa Monica Mountains every chance she gets.

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