Awesome Almonds!


This episode of Big Blend Radio celebrates all that’s goods about almonds with fun facts about this beloved tree nut including its history and cultural significance, amazing nutritional benefits, culinary uses, and sustainable farming.


If you want to see the Almond Tree Blooming Season which happens between Mid-February and Mid-March, head to the Central California Valley region where over 80% of the world’s almonds are grown. Plan your trip at

To purchase almonds, chocolate covered almonds, and other almond goodies, visit

For a list of Almond Dishes from Around the World, visit   

RECIPES WITH ALMONDS and almond products such as milk and flour, as featured on this site:

* Chocolate Covered Brownie Truffle Bites:

* Dried Cherry Granola:

* Cinnamon Streusel French Toast:

* Mike’s Mighty Mediterranean Chopped Salad:

* Fluffy Blueberry Cake:   

* Coconut Banana Bread:

* Shine & Shake Cocktail:

* Sharon’s Tiramisu Latte:

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