Big Weekly Blend Magazine - Travel & Leisure Edition, Feb. 2024



“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”  Oliver Wendell Holmes

The major winter holidays are over and now it’s time to set sail into the vast world of adventure. From cruising Iceland and fossil hunting in England to taking cooking classes in Cabo San Lucas, and exploring the Empire State, we hope this special vacation planning issue helps whet your travel appetite and ultimately pack your bags for new experiences around the globe, and across the country.

When it comes to traveling across America, this issue features articles and podcast interviews covering the sunshine-laden desert southwest, central California’s colorful farm country, the vibrant Big Apple and upstate New York, the beautiful southeastern states of North Carolina, Arkansas, and Florida, along with the historic routes and highways of Kansas.

Podcasts share expert advice on historic inns and boutique lodging destinations, unique cruising opportunities, how to save money on major attractions, and riding the rails of Amtrak. And, speaking of expert advice, we also share a new section in the magazine that connects you with our Big Blend Expert Travel Community that is made up of travel writers, authors, and photographers, as well as travel advisors, tour guides, and regional destination specialists. These days with Artificial Intelligence content weaving its way into the online information highway, we believe it is important to know the source, and in the case of travel, that the experts have truly “been there and done that.” We are proud and honored to work with some of the very best!

Lastly, this travel issue is the launch of our Big Weekly Blend Magazine becoming a specialty curated digital publication that features a new theme of focus each week and will continue to connect you with our expert community so you can follow their articles and podcasts and connect with them directly.

Enjoy the magazine below or get it directly on and keep up with all things Big Blend on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (X).


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