Blind Lemon Pledge: Goin’ Home



James Byfield, aka Blind Lemon Pledge, discusses his music and eighth album “Goin’ Home.” Listen to the whole show on, listen/download the interview podcast on Spreaker, YouTube, or SoundCloud.  


Throughout his recording and performing career, Blind Lemon Pledge, aka Bay Area bluesman James Byfield, has gained critical recognition for the broad scope of his stylistic skills and for his ability to capture the essence of American Roots Music in his compositions. From Blues to Rock to Folk with stops at Cajun and Country along the way, Pledge’s music has received rave reviews for his ability to smoothly mix genres to create a unique and personal form of American Music. Over the course of eight albums, Blind Lemon Pledge has earned a reputation for beautifully produced, recorded, and conceptualized albums featuring Byfield’s award winning words and music.

While fronting an eponymously named acoustic blues quintet, Byfield continues to maintain a two front musical career with public performance and solo records, often highlighting guest musicians. In 2019, he released “After Hours,” an album of all jazz compositions, taking a performance back seat to a skilled quartet, while Byfield helmed the composition, producing and arranging duties.

On his new album, “Goin’ Home,” Blind Lemon Pledge once again defies expectations by releasing a sparse solo album of cover tunes ranging from Deep Blues to Folk and Traditional to contemporary tunesmiths like JJ Cale. “Goin’ Home” showcases Pledge’s performing skills in a blemishes-and-all, stripped down collection of the songs and styles that have inspired Pledge’s own songwriting. More at

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