Bobbi DePorter: Mentorship

Date:December 17, 2016 7:06 pm

Bobbi DePorter: Mentorship

My Experience with Three Masters

By Bobbi DePorter


On this episode of Big Blend Radio, education expert Bobbi DePorter explains how the Quantum Learning System integrates with content standards and initiatives providing a philosophy, models, and strategies that amplify teachers’ ability to teach and students’ ability to master those standards.


I feel fortunate to have three people who stand out in my life as valued mentors. To me, mentors are people I resonate with at a deep level, people who inspire me to be my best self, and ultimately give me direction in life. I see the impact of each of my mentors intertwined in my Quantum Learning teaching and learning methods, which at its core is creating positive, engaging, nurturing environments for learning.


I met all of my mentors in the late 1970s, a time when I was formulating the direction of my life. Looking back, it now feels like divine intervention. There are mentors in all of our lives. Recognizing them is about being aware and seeing the opportunities and the potential impact that certain people could have on our lives. It’s about reaching out and exploring. It’s about realizing when someone affects us or appeals to us on a personal or emotional level.

Listen to Bobbi DePorter’s interview and read her article about her three mentors Chungliang Al Huang, Dr. Georgi Lozanov, and R. Buckminster Fuller, in the Winter 2017 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.

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About the Author:

Bobbi DePorter is the President of SuperCamp and Quantum Learning Network, a U.S.-based educational firm producing programs for students, teachers, schools, and organizations across the United States and worldwide. With over 64,000 graduates, SuperCamp is the leading academic summer camp in the world.

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