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Andrew Flach, publisher of Hatherleigh Press, discusses two books, on Big Blend Radio, that cover sustainability: “GREEN TOWN USA: The Handbook for America’s Sustainable Future” by Thomas J. Fox, and “YOU CAN SAVE THE EARTH: A Handbook for Environmental Awareness, Conservation & Sustainability.” by Sean K. Smith.

Green Town U.S.A. recounts the inspirational story of the rebirth of Greensburg, Kansas as America’s first sustainable city. On May 4th, 2007 a massive tornado leveled the town of Greensburg. In the ensuing aftermath, the residents committed to reconstruction using green technology and sustainable building methods. Through their example, a template of what it means to be a “green town” can be used for communities around the country. Green Town U.S.A. is a handbook for community leaders, activists, and local governments.

You Can Save the Earth brings environmental and conservation awareness down to the individual. Including the latest information from climate studies, international policy and critical ecological issues, You Can Save the Earth provides even more reasons and ways to pay attention to our planet by being stewards to sustainability. Its accompanying coloring book is a great, fun, tool that helps to extend a green message.

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