Borgo: Demolition!



Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Denver based singer-songwriter / producer Brian Bourgault “Borgo,” who discusses his new EP “Demolition!”

Hot on the heels of his debut LP, Be Kind, Borgo (Brian Bourgault) offers four fresh tracks on Demolition!, set for release on August 3, 2018 on all digital outlets. Demolition! marks a turn in the road for Borgo, the singer-songwriter/producer who made his triumphant return to music with Be Kind, following a decade long hiatus due to a debilitating neuromuscular disease.

“After releasing Be Kind, I found myself stuck. I needed a band for live performances and recording new material, so I was limited by the availability of other musicians. I had written a lot of new songs and I was eager to get them released! I decided to re-work a handful of them…removing vocals, funking up the bass parts, layering psychedelic synth lines… I spent a lot of time working on the mix, the sonic quality. I got the four tracks on Demolition! sounding release ready and decided to put them out as an EP to see what kind of reaction they would get. These are dance songs, party songs, funky grooves with elements of psychedelic riff rock!

I have a ferocious drive to create and release music and I am excited about doing it this way; not only composing on the computer, as I did for Be Kind, but doing everything from programming and arranging, right down to the final mix and mastering on my computer. I’m moving away from live instruments out of necessity and that does change things but I strive for organic sounds, nothing too over-the-top. Demolition! Tear it down and rebuild. I am already working on the next batch of songs!”

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