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Truly All-Natural Bath & Body Products
Compiled and tested by Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith


Boris Novosel, President of BR Naturals, talks about the company’s all natural soaps, bath, beauty and skin care products on Big Blend Radio.

We are what we eat, and we are what we put on our skin. After all, it’s our largest organ. Finding truly all-natural and organic bath, body and beauty products are difficult to find, so when we discovered and tried various products from Canadian-based BR Naturals, we were thrilled! As their mission statement, says: “We are dedicated to creating products that are healthy and good for you, that smell good, and have ingredients that are ethically-sourced. Our products don’t contain synthetic preservatives, chemicals, are vegan and are as healthy for you as possible.”

Their various products include: aromatherapy, beard oil, beauty oils, body butter and lotion bars, avocado oil for cooking, essential oils, soap bars, liquid soap and lip balm. We tried their lemongrass and peppermint liquid soaps, mango papaya bar soap, vanilla lotion bar, green apple and cucumber lip balms, and their avocado oil. Their liquid and bar soaps have a wonderful natural fragrance and leave your body refreshed, the vanilla lotion bar smells delightful and is soothing to the skin, and their lip balms are fantastic. We’re hooked on using their avocado oil for cooking and on salads!

Boris Novosel, President of BR Naturals, joined us on Big Blend Radio where he not only discussed the company’s rock-star products, but also how they are processed, are eco-friendly and cruelty-free, and crafted using only the finest natural, and organic ingredients. They grow their own organic, pesticide and herbicide-free fruits, herbs and plants on their farms in Yucatán, México. This is also where they process their own oils, essential oils and plant extracts.


Ruth Milstein


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