Camron Wright: The Orphan Keeper


Best-selling author Camron Wright tells the remarkable true story of a child who was kidnapped in India, adopted by parents in the USA, and the surprising events that led him home.  


Big Blend Radio interview with Taj Rowland and Camron Wright.

How does a child find his way home when he’s kidnapped to a foreign country and surrounded by a foreign language? And how does the idea of home change when he realizes he can’t go back? In Camron Wright’s gripping, heartfelt true story, The Orphan Keeper (Shadow Mountain Publishing), seven-year-old Chellamuthu faces these inconceivable questions when he is kidnapped, sold to a Christian orphanage, and adopted half way around the world. Taking place in both India and the United States, The Orphan Keeper follows Chellamuthu (renamed Taj) through a true series of events—from his poverty-stricken village in India where beatings from his father are the norm, to an atrocious abduction that forces him into the unknown, to the unveiling of his past and the uncertainties of his future.

Of his inspiration to pen The Orphan Keeper, award-winning author Camron Wright knew Taj Rowland’s story had to be told, especially after learning of the surprising coincidences that led Taj back to India.  “This story shows that if we can tap into both hope and determination along our journeys and never give up,” says Wright, “fate will often step in to guide our success.”

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