Chef Ivan Flowers


A long-time Big Blend expert and radio guest sharing recipes and cooking advice, Five-star Chef Ivan Flowers likes to keep food simple and fresh! Though his food is influenced from countries around the world, he combines a love for French and Italian cuisine with a passion for Mediterranean – what he likes to call “global fusion”.

Flowers’ passion for cooking came from his father, who was chef and owner of Rendezvous Restaurant in New York. He learned from his father that a good chef lets the food do the work with respect to flavor and presentation. This lesson has guided Flowers’ elaborate career, earning he and the restaurants he has led an abundance of accolades and awards. This lesson has also made Chef Flowers an accomplished and sought-out teacher to aspiring chefs from around the world, as well as a consultant for restaurateurs.

Flowers received his A.O.S. degree in culinary arts and restaurant management from Le Cordon Bleu SCI Culinary Institute in 1997. While attending Le Cordon Bleu, he was a Sous chef at ASU’s University Club, as well as a Sous Chef at Scottsdale Center for the Arts. In addition to his culinary education, Flowers holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the New York Institute of Technology.

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5-Star Chef Ivan Flowers talks seafood and shares how to make West Coast Lobster Rolls on Big Blend Radio.



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Chef Ivan Flowers’ Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine Recipe Archives (2015-2016):

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Roasted Portobello Mushrooms  

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Grape, Tomato & Shallow Flatbread 

Grilled Vegetables  

Warm Spring Salad  

Confit Tomatoes with Fresh Thyme  

Spaghetti Vongole  

Quick Chicken Noodle Soup  

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