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Christine Saadé
Have You Seen Christine?


Christine Saadé, an international singer-songwriter, recording artist, producer, performer and actress, talks with Big Blend Radio about her career and new music, including her latest dance single “Get Together” (Ft. Twisted Dee), and upcoming EP “HYSC? EP 1.”


Christine Saadé is an international influential artist with a versatile sound. Her brilliant songwriting, producing and performance skills have the right fundamentals of a global musical sensation. Christine draws on her multi-talented background to create unique tracks. Her Phoenician and Canadian heritage blend with her modern musical edge to create a truly original sound. Christine references a myriad of international influences to create music, lyrics and choreography.  Christine began singing and performing at a very early age. Inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Tupac and many more; Christine began writing her own music. In her early teens she started DJing so she could expose her original songs and positively impact her listeners. Christine later learned how to play the guitar and dumbek to incorporate into her compositions. Christine motivates listeners with her uplifting and thought-provoking music. She also attracts a wide range audience with her multi-genre singles such asReasonz” (folk), “Live2Live” (hip hop), and “See You” (pop).

Already out with a brand new single, Saadé teamed up with billboard charting and renowned producer Jason Dauman (Snoop Dogg, Drake) to release “Get Together” (Ft. Twisted Dee). The track is a dance-pop anthem that encourages unity and productivity to make a change.  “Wake up and stop wasting your life, make it happen and start doing it right. I wanna hear you say, you wanna make a change, let’s get together.”–“Get Together,” Christine Saadé Christine makes movements through her music by influencing positive change and promoting global initiatives. She is also affiliated and works closely with a variety of organizations such as B2DS (Beats To Da Streets), Global Youth Day, CANFAR, WekFest , FITT (Forum For International Trade Training), YFMTN (Youth Film and Media Training Network), AFM/CFM, Cystic Fibrosis and Roots Canada. She’s an excellent talent emerging from a new generation of artists, not only making hits, but a movement in the world.

Her fan base is growing daily and with fans in more than 25 countries, she does her best to communicate with each and every one of them in whatever language it may be. Whether it is English, Spanish, French, Arabic, or Italian; Saadé fluently sings and performs in these languages to engage and connect with her fans. In addition, she incorporates a variety of sounds and styles in her live performances to further captivate her audience. Christine has already performed in some of Canada’s premiere venues such as Yonge-Dundas Square (Toronto), The Opera House Harborfront Center (Ontario), Queens University (Ontario), The Horseshoe and multiple festivals such as the Global Village Festival, Global Youth Day to name a few. Saadé remains unpredictable as she continues to set no boundaries with her music, performances and philanthropic efforts. Christine is constantly striving to unite her fan base and motivate listeners around the world. Saadé leaves fans questioning her next move, as she raises the question – Have You Seen Christine?

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