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ON THIS EPISODE: Claus Dalby discusses container gardening and his book, “Containers in the Garden.” Listen here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Podbean, or SoundCloud.

Danish garden designer Claus Dalby shares his signature container gardening style in “Containers in the Garden.” Using a single plant species in each pot, and then collecting dozens of pots together, he creates a stunning visual display that’s a true feast for the senses. Often using a monochromatic color palette, Claus’s distinctive container garden designs carry your garden through all four seasons by utilizing changing displays and seasonal plant choices. Learn how to take Claus’s techniques and customize them to make a unique and stylish container garden all your own. You’ll meet dozens of captivating plants that perform beautifully in pots, and learn how to grow them from seed or transplant. Container garden care tips as well as ideas for reducing maintenance are found throughout.

Dalby has been called “the Scandinavian Martha Stewart.” He is a designer, florist, and Danish gardener who has amassed a huge fan base in Scandinavia, the US, and around the world, at both You Tube and Instagram. He is also a successful publisher, television personality, and designer of glass vases for Holmegaard. His signature style of container gardening uses densely packed plants and changing seasonal displays, often in monochromatic color palettes. Claus also runs an online garden club with monthly subscribers from around the world.

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Dalby has been called “the Scandinavian Martha Stewart.”

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