Cynthia M. Ruiz: Cherokee Wisdom


12 Lessons for Becoming a Powerful Leader


Cynthia M. Ruiz’s Big Blend Radio interview focuses on her latest book: “Cherokee Wisdom: 12 Lessons for Becoming a Powerful Leader.”


In her second book “Cherokee Wisdom: 12 Lessons for Becoming a Powerful Leader,” Cynthia M. Ruiz reveals previously concealed knowledge based on her Cherokee heritage. As a leadership expert and inspirational speaker, she came to the realization that the wisdom she gained from her ancestors was missing today and could not only be applied successfully in the modern world but that it offers a solution to many of today’s modern dilemmas. She believes that each of us has the ability to be leaders in our daily lives and that this ancient wisdom is key in helping to elicit that personal power that all leaders possess. These ancient lessons can also serve to help unlock the individual leadership style of the reader.

Cynthia is proud to come from blended cultures and feels she takes the best from both worlds, Latina and Native American. She has been known to say “I get my passion for life from my Mexican side and my spirituality and respect for the environment from my Cherokee roots.” 

Cynthia has received over 50 awards and accolades for her leadership and philanthropy. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has named her a “Women of Distinction” and she appeared in Discover the Gift with the Dalai Lama, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Jack Canfield. Cynthia has a Master’s Degree in counseling and has worked with people her entire life.  Her message of “Anything is Possible” helps people reach their dreams and live their authentic lives. Visit


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